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  • Collision prevention

    Advanced Driver Assist System

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    Mitigate problems before they happen

    The best offense is a great defense. Trimble’s innovative driver defense system uses edge-powered devices to provide real-time notifications to drivers. These voice and visual notifications prevent incidents on the road and gently improve driver behavior. Ensure your drivers get home safely with instantaneous alerts for following distance, lane departure, distractions in the cab, driver fatigue and more.

  • AI Powered Driver Coaching

    Improve Driving Behavior

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    Monitor driving behavior and improve driving habits

    Video Intelligence provides in-cab alerts to drivers for unsafe driving practices, such as fatigue, distracted driving and cell phone usage. These gentle warnings provide instantaneous feedback for drivers prompting them to correct unsafe practices.

  • Real-time data

    Protect and Exonerate

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    Reduce litigation costs with a clear source of truth

    Automatic Onboard Event Recording (OER) combined with high-resolution video documentation provides critical details in case of an accident or incident. The Intelliview technology streamlines the review process by segmenting footage with computer vision and machine learning. Fast data retrieval ensures your team doesn’t waste time reviewing endless video footage. Get video footage to the driver before an officer arrives on scene.

  • Safety Analytics

    Coach with Data

    Driver analytics for the back office

    Video Intelligence isn’t just for the cab. The video safety portal is your window into what happened on the road. Review automatically-generated clips to improve safety meetings. Spot trends before an incident occurs and coach drivers with meaningful data. Trimble’s Safety Analytics is a robust data tool designed to help you make better decisions. Eliminate guesswork with analytics that can pinpoint where improvements are needed.

We’ve Got Your Back, Front & Sides – Covered

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Regardless of the size of your fleet or the class of your trucks, Trimble Video Intelligence solutions will protect your business and most importantly, your drivers.

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