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How Innovative Software and Hardware Solutions Are Streamlining Transportation Management

The transportation industry has come a long way in just a few decades. The past several years alone have seen the largely successful transition from manual to Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). ELDs provide fleet managers with real-time insight into operations, which can be used to reduce inefficiencies. 

But these devices are just the tip of the iceberg: technology like cloud-based transportation management software and Video Intelligence is streamlining the world of transportation management.


What Do We Mean When We Talk About Transportation Tech?

First, what do we actually mean when we say “transportation technology?” Are we referring to trucking software? Driver apps? Accounting capabilities? Backup cameras? The answer is yes, and then some.

The purpose of transportation technology is to make life easier for fleet managers, drivers and back-office staff alike. From shipment planning and execution to fleet management, the right combination of telematics equipment and transportation software will allow you to boost productivity, cut costs, improve employee satisfaction and retention, conserve resources and more. 

Advances like cloud-based TMS software, predictive analytics, and even driver sentiment analysis are just some of the newest transportation technologies changing the face of the industry. But behind all of that sleek hardware and intuitive software, the core of any trucking company remains the same—everything is held together by a solid transportation management system (TMS).


How TMS Software Is Transforming Transportation Operations

Transportation management software is perhaps the most significant transportation technology you could incorporate into your operations. We say that because it encompasses a variety of functions that work to support your fleet at key points. Accounting, supply chain visibility, fleet management—each of these processes is critical to the continued success of your business. 

A home-grown TMS may serve you well for a time, but the needs of your company will eventually grow too sophisticated or cumbersome for it to handle. If you haven’t already transitioned to TMS software, you should think long and hard about your growth objectives, the current and future needs of your enterprise and what it will take to get to where you want to be within the transportation industry - including having solutions that can scale alongside your business.

Looking for more details on how a TMS may be able to help? Here are just a few of the ways that TMS software is already providing tangible ROI to its users:


Driver Retention and Satisfaction

Driver turnover is a constant thorn in the side of any fleet manager. You’re not on the road with them, after all, so how can you possibly ensure that drivers are having a positive experience? TMS software allows you to go beyond handsome recruiting packages and actually enhance the driver experience from your spot in the back office. 

TMS software with accounting and billing functionalities ensures that your drivers get paid accurately and on time—but that’s not its only function in terms of drivers. TMS technology can be used to optimize the load matching process, reducing deadhead miles and improving uptime. 

From automated invoices to easy communication with dispatch, this transportation technology empowers users to boost employee satisfaction and driver retention—all while cutting inefficiencies and increasing productivity.


Order Visibility

Both shippers and carriers can benefit from a sophisticated TMS. With software like Trimble TMS, carriers have a 360-degree view of their operations, enabling them to reduce downtime, provide accurate ETAs, and improve customer service. Shippers, on the other hand, can use TMS software to manage their relationships with multiple carriers while enjoying real-time insight into load data for each of their shipments.

TMS software does much of the heavy lifting by cutting out unnecessary manual data entry, reducing human error and facilitating communication between parties. 



Overall Efficiency

It’s not an exaggeration to say that TMS software can truly be the backbone of your entire enterprise. With solutions built for every part of the supply chain, Trimble Transportation is proud to equip enterprises of all sizes with end-to-end transportation management capabilities. 

You’ll need a powerful TMS software solution that can keep up whether your goal is to:

  • Identify inefficiencies in your supply chain

  • Conserve fuel and other key resources

  • Enhance customer service

  • Grow your operations 


Are You Ready for an End-to-End Transportation Management Solution?

At Trimble Transportation, we aren’t just dedicated to helping you get by—our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to empower decision makers throughout the supply chain. We’re here to help you exceed expectations, identify and cut inefficiencies, strengthen bottom lines and improve customer service, productivity and driver retention.

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all TMS. Your enterprise has very specific needs, and we’re dedicated to equipping you with the convenient services, innovative transportation technology, and comprehensive support that will empower you to grow your business.

Think it’s time to upgrade your TMS? Check out our eBook on what to look for in a TMS to get started.