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Hardware-as-a-Service for Fleet Management? 3 Things You Need to Know

Trimble recently debuted a new Hardware-as-a-Service option to offer great value, more simply.  This new option consists of four bundles, with each one combining hardware, subscription and professional services for a single monthly price.

The concept of “hardware as a service” is an extension of a growing trend of thinking of everything as a service. We have all become familiar with concepts like SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service), which are cloud computing models that are used to provide a range of software and other applications. You are also likely used to this model in your personal life, utilizing it for items such as managing the cost of your cell phone and data plan through a single price on a monthly basis.

This new approach might be different to how you are used to selecting in-cab solutions, but it comes with significant benefits to help take the complication out of implementing new fleet management technology. 

By looking at hardware as a service, you will be able to improve how your fleet implements and relies on in-cab technology. These benefits will enable you to:


1. Eliminate Upfront Costs and Simplify the Buying Process

Our bundles each have a single monthly price, removing the need for upfront capital investment and giving you the predictability of new hardware each term. The monthly cost enables you and your drivers to begin to experience the benefits of your new platform without having to fully pay for the cost of new hardware up front, decreasing your time to ROI.

Bundling hardware, software and services all together not only reduces your initial investment but also allows you to easily select the right solutions for your fleet’s specific needs. While Trimble offers a wide range of fleet management solutions, each bundle distills these options into easy to understand packages.

Our bundles include a set of core Trimble services with the additional solutions included in each bundle. This approach can help ensure you select everything you need to improve your fleet’s safety, performance and efficiency ‒ and nothing that you don’t.


2. Access What’s Next in Fleet Management Technology

The rapid evolution of fleet management technology can be daunting. It’s crucial that you select a platform that is not only built for your current business needs today but also able to meet your needs in the months and years ahead.

Each of Trimble’s bundles features Android™-powered displays that leverage LTE connectivity. By deploying Android displays, you can harness a trusted operating system that supports your fleet’s unique needs, while providing your drivers with an intuitive user experience that can make their jobs and daily workflows easier.

What’s more, our bundles are designed to scale as technology advances. This includes giving you the predictability of new hardware each term to ensure you always have the latest equipment to support your ever-evolving business. We are consistently designing and enhancing our solutions to harness the latest technology trends. By selecting a Trimble bundle, you can ensure that your fleet takes advantage of these trends to maximize your investment.


3. Switch and Improve Your Fleet Management Processes

While choosing the right solutions is an important step, it is not the only step in ensuring your fleet’s success. Implementing new fleet management technology can be a big change for your business and end users, and it is crucial that your new platform is properly set up to work within your operations.

To help ensure a seamless implementation of Trimble solutions, our bundles come with as many as four weeks of professional services included. This professional services time will allow you to work alongside our team to properly set up our solutions to complement your operational workflows and to position your drivers and back office personnel for success.

Our partnership with you doesn’t end after this initial implementation, either. We are committed to supporting you and your drivers every day, which is why each bundle is backed by Trimble’s domain expertise, 24/7/365 customer support and extensive integrations to back-office transportation management system (TMS) platforms.


Discover How Hardware-as-a-Service Can Fit Your Business’ Fleet Management Needs

While the concept of “everything as a service” might not be new, applying it to the world of fleet management can help you move your business forward and ensure you have the right mix of technology to support you today and in the years to come.

Ready to realize the power of Trimble and our fleet mobility bundles? Tiered into four categories: Premier, Professional, Flex and Base, our bundles allow you to choose the one that best fits your needs and can help you reach new levels of efficiency and performance.

Find out more about our new bundled services, what’s included in each one and how to implement them in your fleet today.