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Top Three Benefits of Selecting Android for Your Fleet

Recently, we introduced the Trimble Display.5™, an Android™-powered fixed-mount device that enables improved in-cab communication and efficiency for drivers. The Trimble Display.5 is our latest device that runs on the Android operating system.

Why Android? There are numerous benefits of relying on this operating system, particularly in the transportation industry. For fleets like yours, Android provides several tangible aspects to enable new levels of efficiency and connectivity across your organization.


With Android devices, you can get:

Flexibility to build a customized mobile device model: Advances like Android are helping to change the way “telematics” is defined, moving away from just a dedicated onboard computer. Now fleets want more device flexibility, including portable consumer-grade options. By focusing on Android, fleet mobility providers can eliminate the cumbersome process of certifying devices and allow you to select from a range of different devices to pick one that fits your unique needs.

In addition to the Trimble Display.5 and portable Trimble ConnectedTablet™, Trimble has certified consumer-grade smartphones and tablets to run its fleet mobility software, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, Note 4 and J3. With these Samsung devices, fleets can deploy lightweight, powerful solutions that are capable of running our software alongside other applications, giving you the power to select the right device for your drivers. Through Trimble Managed Mobility, you can also manage both business and third-party apps running on the device and provide your drivers with remote assistance during support cases and troubleshooting other mobile applications.

Access to the latest trucking-centric apps: According to Frost and Sullivan, trucking apps will represent a $35.4 billion market by 2025 and mobile-based trucking will be the biggest disrupter transforming the transportation industry. With the rapid growth in smart device use in the trucking industry, Android has become king of the mountain (and road) as the world’s most commonly used smartphone platform.


What does the rapid adoption of smartphones in the trucking industry mean?

Smart devices that run on the Android platform are more customizable from top to bottom, providing users the opportunity to load and use only the apps they want and need. By leveraging Android, fleets can rely on a commonly-used operating system, giving them access to a wide range of web-based, third-party apps that they can easily implement within their driver base.

Improved integration and data visibility capabilities: Much like the devices themselves, operating systems have also evolved significantly in the last few years. Web technology is now used to develop mobile applications that can run on multiple devices and are not native to a single operating system. The widely accepted use of Android gives drivers improved workflow and fleets the ability to have a mobile device model that creates an ecosystem that has decoupled applications and takes advantage of cross-synergies within Android.

Trimble understands the customization Android provides and we are working toward building an ecosystem in which proprietary and third-party apps can live side-by-side, communicating with one another and sharing data to help improve driver workflows and increase productivity. This new mobile experience will also give fleets an unprecedented level of customization, allowing them to create a platform that is tailored to their specific business needs and includes all of the apps that are relevant to them.

Android-powered devices represent the future of fleet mobility and each day we are helping fleets like yours deploy solutions that help future-proof their investment.

Curious to see how Android can help you reach new levels of efficiency? Contact us today to learn more about how we are building a platform that can meet your dynamic needs, both today and in the years to come.