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See Next Level Freight Procurement in Trimble’s Future of Supply Chain Presentation

The freight procurement process has often been defined by its uncertainty and unpredictability, but through an industry-leading combination of Trimble and Transporeon technology, we are seeking to change that.

At the recent Future of Supply Chain event hosted by FreightWaves, Kelly Williams, Network Strategy product lead for Trimble’s transportation sector, and Patrick Pretorius, regional sales director of North America for Transporeon, presented on how Trimble’s Engage Lane and Transporeon solutions work together to cover every stage of the freight procurement continuum.

Watch the video playback below to see how these solutions help ensure the success of the freight procurement process, even when something goes wrong.

As Williams and Pretorius explain, it can take months to close a deal between shippers and carriers, and in that time, many deals fall through. In fact, up to 30% of all large-scale bids end up this way due to changes in market conditions. The process is simply too slow, and too ambiguous to 100% ensure a deal over the course of a few months. This leaves shippers and carriers scrambling to find a solution to cover their unaccounted freight. This model is the way it’s always been done, but the market needs a more sustainable, streamlined solution.

Williams compares this uncertainty to a magic eight ball. Rather than a concrete answer, shippers/carriers are often met with a “try again later” or a “looking hopeful”. It is hard to ever acquire an unwavering solution. Many have simply come to terms with this, as there’s never been a way to ensure this kind of confidence. But Williams raises the question, “What if you could be certain?”

As we explored in a recent article, Trimble’s expanding integrations with Transporeon’s solutions enable a new level of certainty and efficiency across the freight procurement continuum, thereby driving the transportation and logistics industry forward at a much faster rate.

Between Transporeon’s Freight Procurement solution, Trimble’s Engage Lane, and Transporeon’s Autonomous Procurement service, freight’s movement is assured. No matter the issue, there will always be a solution. “Transporeon’s Freight Procurement solution supports network bidding, but if a network bid fails, Engage Lane provides an immediate contract capacity solution as a safety net. If a driver is sick or inclement weather detains a vehicle, Transporeon’s Autonomous Procurement service provides a no-touch spot market solution. This end-to-end coverage ensures that every business involved in the movement of freight can operate with certainty.”

Trimble is excited to further advance the freight procurement process to help shippers and carriers find new certainty, streamline industry relationships and greatly increase productivity. To learn more about how our solutions can help enhance your freight procurement process, contact us, or visit the Engage Lane page.