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Drive Project Success by Engaging with a ‘CSM’

Relationships with technology vendors can be complex, especially when transportation companies use products from a vendor across multiple business lines. To improve the customer experience, it helps when vendors have a single point of contact within their organization to bring together all aspects of the relationship.

This was a key takeaway from an Aug. 15 session at the 2022 Trimble Insight Tech Conference and Expo, where a panel of Trimble Transportation customers discussed their experiences working with a customer success manager (CSM).

The session, “Improving the Customer Experience,” was moderated by Kathleen Berryman, Director of Trimble Customer Success. Berryman manages a team of CSMs who play roles of strategic advisors, project managers, and success planners for Trimble Transportation customers.

Foodliner: Dubuque, Iowa

Liquid and dry bulk carrier Foodliner is working closely with a CSM while upgrading its 1,500-truck fleet to tablet devices from Trimble. Lindsay Lott, Technology Implementation Analyst at Foodliner, said bi-weekly calls with the CSM keep the project moving on schedule. Besides using Trimble’s mobility solution, Foodliner uses the TMT Asset Maintenance and TMW Suite platforms and CoPilot for in-cab navigation.

Working with a CSM who knows the ins-and-outs of Trimble is helpful to quickly resolve any issues that arise, Lott explained, and to manage all aspects of using different Trimble products.

Kenan Advantage Group: North Canton, Ohio

The nation’s largest tank truck carrier and logistics provider, Kenan Advantage Group, is working with a CSM at Trimble to implement the Trimble mobility platform for its Canadian operations. The company operates more than 7,500 trucks, and currently uses TMW Suite, Fuel Dispatch, and TMT Asset Maintenance platforms.

Will Burnett, Onboard Computer Manager, said the CSM helps with lining up meetings with product support and other Trimble staff and with keeping track of ongoing projects for its United States and Canada-based fleets. Beyond managing the company’s support and project needs, Burnett said the CSM helps with defining project success prior to implementing products.

Dupre Logistics: Lafayette, LA

Dupre Logistics uses TMT Asset Maintenance and TMW Suite for its 800-truck operations that specialize in fuel delivery and dedicated transportation. The company has a logistics services division that accounts for more than 60% of business volumes.

Drew Edwards, Manager of Dupre’s Transformation Management Office, engages with its Trimble CSM regularly to discuss project goals and plan for success. The CSM is helping Dupre Logistics put together a roadmap of future projects by having a solid understanding of what is possible with the technology, he says.

Customer Success Managers: Hitting all targets

Kathleen Berryman concluded the session by telling attendees that CSMs are trained to help customers review their businesses and create success plans to make the most of their current and future technology investments.

The goal for Trimble’s Customer Success organization, she said, is for each customer to have a CSM that understands their goals; provides a holistic view of Trimble products; and gives horizontal access to all the support and resources they need from Trimble to make the technology reach its full potential.

Interested in learning more about our CSM team and our approach to supporting our wide range of transportation customers? Contact us today to find out how we can help you accelerate your technology ROI – regardless of which solutions you use or what part of the supply chain your business operates in.