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Celebrating Drivers During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The second week of September can signify a lot of things: the start of the football season, kids going back to school, the beginning of fall ‒ but it also marks a time to recognize the millions of truck drivers across the country with National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW).

This annual celebration serves to thank the 3.5 million brave men and women who are dedicated to not just keeping our shelves stocked but ensuring that our economy and world stay moving.

The crucial role of truck drivers has become even more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. These brave men and women have operated on the frontlines to keep the supply chain intact, getting essential goods where they need to be and helping each of us maintain a sense of “normal” in a time that has been anything but.



A National Movement to Recognize Drivers

In 2019, the people behind the supply chain moved more than 16 billion tons of freight in the U.S. and truck drivers have played a crucial role in making this possible. 

According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), truck drivers are responsible for moving 70 percent of America’s freight each year. In addition, 80 percent of U.S. communities rely solely on truck drivers to deliver their products and goods. 

As the ATA notes, this dedication from trucking enables even extremely rural areas of our country to receive the same types of modern comforts available in more densely populated areas of our nation.

Throughout the second week of September, NTDAW celebrations will take place across the country, albeit with a slightly different agenda due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In years past, NTDAW would include events such as presentations, barbecue cookouts and other get-togethers. 

Although many of these celebrations will be virtual in nature in 2020, the ATA will feature promotions and other activities in close coordination with carriers, state trucking associations and America’s Road Team Captains.


A Total (Road) Team Effort

According to the ATA, America’s Road Team is a national public outreach program that is “meant to symbolize America's 3.5 million professional truck drivers and to serve as a rallying point for the spirit of professional dedication and teamwork needed to deliver America's freight safely, securely and on time.”

The Road Team itself is composed of a select group of drivers who demonstrate the importance of truck driving through outstanding safety records and superior driving skills and through a passion to spread the word about the importance of keeping our nation’s highways safe for all who use them.

From interacting with state and national policymakers to educating students, communities and media members, America’s Road Team helps to educate all of us on the role of truck drivers ‒ not only in keeping our roads and highways safe but also demonstrating the crucial job these men and women have in keeping our economy moving and supply chain intact.

Discover more about these impressive Road Team captains and learn about each one’s unique story and dedication to the transportation industry.


How to Take Part in National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made NTDAW festivities more virtual than in a typical year, there are still many ways for you to get involved in showing your appreciation for the dedication and work of our nation’s truck drivers.

The ATA has a comprehensive library of materials, including a digital tool kit of logos and other templates to help you get the word out about the important role of truck drivers in our economy and in our daily lives. The ATA is also featuring several types of NTDAW-centric swag to help you show your love of trucking and possibly give a gift to drivers in your fleet.

In addition to these ATA resources, industry publication Transport Topics keeps tabs on events going on throughout the week to commemorate NTDAW. Whether you are working in an office, at a terminal or at home be sure to check out this resource page to find out how drivers are being recognized across the country during NTDAW.


Trimble’s Commitment to Truck Drivers, Both Today and In the Years Ahead

As mentioned above, truck drivers play a vital role in keeping our supply chain moving and we are humbled to provide our customers and their drivers every day with the technology to stay safe, efficient and productive on the road.



While we are dedicated to the work of fleets and drivers today, the demands of the supply chain are only likely to increase in the years ahead - with global supply tonnage expected to grow by at least 50 percent in the next two decades.

As consumers’ buying behaviors change and the world's supply chain becomes more connected than ever, the work of the people behind the supply chain, including drivers, is only going to intensify. At Trimble, we are anticipating this shift and are building the solutions to not only support the supply chain today, but in the months and years to come. 

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you and your drivers stay safe and productive with the solutions to grow alongside your business and as the supply chain continues to evolve.


From all of us at Trimble, thank you, drivers, for your hard work and dedication in keeping our world moving.