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The Integrated Approach to Navigating Supply Chain Disruption

How modern-day integrative partnerships plus a collaborative community work to move freight optimally and to help overcome spot market volatility.

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Fluctuating load levels. Supply chain imbalances. Inefficiencies.

Here’s an example of how two companies take the high road to work through disruption.

The short story is Kuebix and Loadsmart teamed up. The best story is the integration means real-time rates, booked and managed seamlessly. For carriers--and shippers--it’s a win-win in the world of spot market opportunities. Imagine eliminating empty miles, predicting performance, streamlining the rate discovery process, greater visibility and reliability rolled into one. Welcome to a leading, integrated approach to landing business on the spot market.


Key Takeaways

  • Learn the elements that create success on the spot market 

  • Explore advanced, data-driven solutions for better collaboration between shippers and carriers

  • Discover why integrated solutions matter