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Celebrating The Ones Who Keep Us Moving: 2022 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Starting a new school year. Commemorating Labor Day. Kicking off the football season.

Early September comes with a lot of milestones but one we’re most excited about is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW), which begins today and concludes on Saturday, September 17, 2022.

The annual event serves as an opportunity for all of us to say thank you to America’s 3.6 million professional truck drivers for their dedication and commitment to keeping the supply chain and our world moving.

Did You Know? Trucking by the Numbers

Regardless of if you’re new to transportation or an industry veteran, it is easy to underestimate just how vital trucking is to our economy and daily lives.

As a refresher, here are a few key facts courtesy of the American Trucking Associations (ATA):

  • There are 3.70 million class 8 trucks on the road in the United States and 11.49 million commercial trailers
  • There are 892,078 for-hire carriers and 772,011 private carriers in the United States
    • 97.4% of these carriers have fewer than 20 trucks and 91.3% operate six trucks or less
  • In 2018, the trucking industry hauled 11.49 billion tons of freight, equating to 71.4% of all freight tonnage in the United States
  • More than 80% of communities in the United States are reliant solely on trucking to deliver their goods and commodities

What’s the sum of all these data points? That both the trucking industry and the individual drivers are truly worth appreciating.

How to Take Part in National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Looking for ways to participate in this year’s NTDAW festivities? 

Head over to the ATA’s Trucking Moves America Forward virtual social wall where you can join the conversation and express your gratitude by sharing why you want to #thankatrucker. You can also wear your feelings on your sleeve by visiting the ATA’s official NTDAW store.

Events are planned throughout the week, too, so keep tabs on NTDAW-related news in industry publications and check out this article to get some historical context on the origins of this annual celebration.

Trimble’s Commitment to Drivers and Trucking

At Trimble, we are fortunate to support truck drivers with a wide range of technology to help them stay safe and efficient wherever their journey leads. On behalf of all of us, thank you for your unrelenting dedication to the industry and our world.

Interested in learning more about transportation professionals worth celebrating? Check out our collection of case studies to see how our customers are making the supply chain safer and more productive for everyone it serves.