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Pursuing a Modern Approach to Document and Content Management

Despite making digital strides, transportation companies have many routine processes that still require moving paper documents and digital content through manual touchpoints. New technology advancements make it easier and more affordable to clear the last remaining hurdles for paperless automation.

Colin Ruskin, chief executive of WorkOptima, has been on the frontlines of document and content and workflow automation since he founded Microdea in 1995. By 2017, Ruskin had sold Microdea and founded WorkOptima. 

His plan? To begin developing a modern web-based content management system from the ground up. The result is a multi-tenant SaaS platform that fits what customers are looking for using modern technology: fast deployment, easy configuration, and all-inclusive access to features through a monthly subscription, Ruskin explained.

Buying a core system and paying extra for many add-on modules like optical character recognition (OCR), billing and payroll functions are relics of the past, he said, adding that WorkOptima has a simple pricing model based on the number of users.

“Customers want to focus on running their businesses, they do not want to pay thousands to get up and running,” Ruskin said.

With the sunsetting of TMW Imaging in June 2022, many former TMW Imaging customers have converted over to WorkOptima. Using WorkOptima, companies can create their own document and content workflow that has a sequence of steps, from billing to payroll, and from driver recruiting to rate confirmations, equipment maintenance, compliance and more.

Easy Configuration

To configure automated workflows for documents and content, users are presented with a simple to use drag and drop process editor interface, where they link various actions together. Doing so allows them to easily create and manage different databases and process flows, such as billing, payables, maintenance and driver functions.

When used together with a transportation management system (TMS) such as TruckMate, TMWSuite or Innovative, users are presented with an integrated environment and are able to quickly access documents and efficiently bill clients.

For example, a user could view orders with missing proof-of-delivery receipts that resulted from a driver capturing a poor image or skipping the step altogether. The user can instantly send an electronic form to the driver’s phone through an SMS message. When the driver clicks the link in the message, a mobile WorkOptima application opens with a simple workflow that prompts the driver to capture a new image.

“WorkOptima is about more than just document management and billing,” said Ruskin. “Some fleets use WorkOptima to create automated driver help-desk functions like viewing payroll or settlement details, or reporting equipment issues. Other use cases could include workflows for driver hiring, customer onboarding, IT support tickets or any process that uses data, documents or forms.”

Time-Saving OCR

One of many time-saving features in WorkOptima is an OCR engine that can automatically find and extract data from BOLs and other documents without using pre-configured templates. This means companies no longer need to build separate document templates for each customer to identify order numbers, signatures, dates and other data fields.

WorkOptima’s OCR engine dynamically finds the correct data anywhere on the page. Ruskin estimates that eliminating the templating process saves companies between three and five hours per vendor to automate the indexing and data extraction process.

One-Step Integration: WorkOptima and Trimble TMS

“WorkOptima integrates tightly with Trimble products,” Ruskin said. The content management tool helps employees complete day-to-day tasks as efficiently as possible, and documents and content processed are instantly available for auditing and validating within a TMS or other integrated products.

Interested in finding out how to accelerate business processes within your organization? Contact us today for more information about how WorkOptima works in tandem with TMWSuite, Innovative or TruckMate.