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3 Ways Trimble and Navistar Help Fleets Streamline the Outsourced Maintenance Process

Whether it is for routine service or to address an unplanned repair – truck maintenance is an essential component of any fleet’s operations. 

While some fleets manage all of their repairs in-house, many will either outsource all or some of this process to a third-party service provider. In fact, customers who utilize our TMT Fleet Maintenance and Service Center solution report that between 30-60% of their repairs are outsourced.

To enhance the efficiency of how outsourced repairs are conducted, Trimble recently announced an integration with Navistar that connects our TMT solution with its International® 360 repair event management solution. This add-on module for TMT Fleet Maintenance creates a seamless integration that connects users to Navistar’s 700 licensed service centers directly from TMT Fleet Maintenance.

This Navistar integration expands on Trimble’s Connected Maintenance strategy, which also features integrations with other third-party service centers such as TravelCenters of America and enables TMT Fleet Maintenance customers to manage these integrated repair events at more than 5,000 service centers throughout North America.

The TMT/International 360 integration was a focal point of this week’s Trimble’s Insight Tech Conference + Expo, including how it allows customers to:

1. Increase Asset Utilization and Limit Downtime

By directly connecting TMT Fleet Maintenance and International 360, users can harness a single system to enter repair requests – both for your Navistar and non-Navistar assets – and initiate them more quickly. 

This means the repair starts and ends sooner – reducing the amount of time your assets spend in the shop and helping you get your trucks back on the road faster.

2. Enhance Data Entry and Reduce Risk of Errors

Outsourcing your repairs without technology can mean countless phone calls and emails with service centers to get updates on a repair. Even if technology is in place, it likely isn’t connected to other fleet management technology you may utilize, creating a swivel chair effect that results in entering, updating and tracking your repairs across multiple systems.

The end result? Wasted time for your employees and the potential for data entry errors or missing information across your different technology platforms. The integration between Trimble and Navistar eliminates these risks by empowering you to enter and update Navistar repairs all through TMT.

For larger fleets that generate thousands of repair requests per month, this amounts to hundreds of hours of employee time saved. By utilizing the integration between TMT and International 360, Knight calculated that they save 10 minutes per repair request entry.

"It's literally the 'Easy' button," said Steve Grover, senior vice president, Technology and Innovation, Knight Transportation.

3. Gain Improved Visibility Into the Repair Event Cycle

In the age of eCommerce, we are all used to being able to track the status of what we’ve ordered as it makes its way through the supply chain. 

The TMT/International 360 integration addresses this need for increased “trackability” of repairs by enabling users to track and communicate with Navistar service centers for repair events. This helps fleets get a real-time handle on where their trucks are in the repair process and creates an electronic audit trail should any questions or issues arise.

Watch this Video to Learn More About the Trimble/Navistar Integration

Regardless of how big your fleet is, what you haul or which lanes you travel in – the integration between Trimble and Navistar can help you improve how you manage the outsourced maintenance of your trucks.

Check out this video between Mike Keus, vice president, Asset Maintenance, for Trimble Transportation and Brian Mulshine, director, Digital Service Delivery, for Navistar. In this engaging conversation, Mike and Brian discuss the integration in more detail and how it can enhance outsourced repairs for fleets like yours.

Ready to implement TMT Fleet Maintenance and this integration in your business? Contact us today to find out how we can help you leverage technology to optimize all aspects of your operations.