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Watch Trimble’s Engage Lane Demo from Future of Freight Festival 2022

At the recent FreightWaves’ 2022 Future of Freight Festival (F3), Rishi Mehra, director of operations and strategy, and Kelly Williams, product manager, presented a rapid-fire demo of Engage Lane: an agile transportation procurement platform that streamlines the relationship between carriers and shippers and helps them uncover better ways to move freight.

We’re proud to announce that the F3 audience voted our demo “Best in Show” as one of the most innovative, exciting and powerful products on the market! We were thrilled to highlight our new cloud-enabled technology, and are honored to be recognized alongside such innovative industry leaders.

Watch the recording of our award-winning F3 demo here:

Connecting Carriers and Shippers in the Cloud

The fragmented nature of the transportation industry has created a supply chain that is wrought with inefficiencies.

“In any industry, disconnection leads to inefficiencies,” Williams said during the demo.

“Trimble’s solution to solving these inefficiencies is connecting everyone to the Trimble Transportation Cloud,” Mehra added.

Our industry cloud is designed to connect the various disconnected elements of the global supply chain in one shared space. Engage Lane leverages the partner network connected through the cloud, along with routing and scheduling algorithms and location data, to transform contract freight procurement. It enables shippers to directly connect with best-in-class carriers and radically increase speed to value.

With Engage Lane, carriers receive instant freight lead options, direct from shippers, based on where they operate, or want to grow – and shippers can connect with carriers with capacity for a streamlined bidding process.

“We’re streamlining the bid process by connecting the shipper and carrier TMS so order tenders can happen immediately, and we’re scorecarding both the shipper and the carrier,” Williams explained.

Integrating Commercial Places Data

Furthermore, commercial location data from Places and routing algorithms from PC*MILER provide dwell times and mileage, streamlining the connection between shippers and carriers, to amplify Engage Lane’s capability to move freight faster.

Using the Places, Engage Lane pulls precise location data and polygonal geofences for more than 4.3 million+ commercial locations in North America to create an accurate picture of driver dwell time at a location, toll costs, and estimated greenhouse gas emissions, all at the time of bidding.

“When you are bidding, you can see what the driver's experience is going to be at this facility,” Williams said.

Since its introduction earlier this year, Engage Lane has already helped shippers and carriers move $34 million worth of business.

“Our vision at Trimble is to connect not only pieces within the Trimble family, but all of the partners in the ecosystem through APIs, offering the solutions to solve industry problems and help everyone move freight more efficiently and more safely,” Mehra concluded.

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