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TSD Logistics Enhances Its Connectivity with the Trimble Duo

We recently debuted the Trimble Duo™, an Android-powered device that combines a ruggedized, fixed-mount display with a 4G-LTE powered vehicle gateway.

One of the Trimble Duo’s benefits is that it leverages the latest in wireless network connectivity. This connectivity is crucial for fleets: everything from day-to-day operations to communication with the back office depends on a fast, reliable wireless connection.

This access to enhanced connectivity appealed to TSD Logistics, a Texarkana, Texas-based fleet that offers diversified transportation services throughout North America, including dry bulk, over-the-road freight shipments, specialized logistics services and more.

A longtime Trimble customer, TSD upgraded to Trimble Duo as part of their strategy to rely on 4G LTE networks and to ensure their fleet’s connectivity for years to come.


Understanding the evolution of wireless networks

Wireless carriers have begun to repurpose older 2G and 3G networks as part of their strategy to invest in faster, more robust 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. If a fleet has onboard equipment that relies on 2G or 3G networks, it may begin to soon see a degradation or “sunset” in coverage, which will eventually render these devices obsolete.

By moving to 4G LTE networks today, TSD can avoid this sunset and improve connection speeds when compared to slower 3G networks.

“The ease of use for our drivers and the speed of the 4G network is a lot faster than our 3G-capable devices, and our drivers really like that,” said Angela Jones, TSD Logistics director of HR & safety.


Simplified access to the latest in fleet mobility technology

In addition to the Trimble Duo’s 4G LTE connectivity, its “all-in-one” nature enables a more streamlined installation process when compared to solutions that have separate displays and onboard computers.

This quick installation time allowed TSD to upgrade their trucks with minimal downtime. Hassle-free installation means trucks are back on the road faster, and an intuitive user experience on the Android™ platform makes it easy for drivers and back-office staff to utilize the platform’s capabilities to meet their business-specific needs.



“We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from our drivers,” said Joy J. Hanson-Hickerson, TSD Logistics chief financial officer. “The [Trimble Duos] run a lot faster and smoother for them, and the ease of use for the drivers has been great. We won’t purchase anything else but Trimble Duo.”

Read the full case study to find out more about how the Trimble Duo is helping TSD and its drivers operate more efficiently than ever before.

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