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Introducing Customer Communication Manager for Appian

Technology has helped commercial transportation companies optimize their operations to ensure efficient resource management, plan accurate routes and meet daily schedule demands. But a key—yet sometimes overlooked—component of the connected supply chain is communication.

Whether it’s between the driver and the back office, the back office to the customer, or the customer to fleet management, many are still choosing the right communication tools and procedures to make fleet managers’ and drivers’ jobs easier. Too little or too much information can cause complications and workflow breakdowns. Finding and implementing a user-friendly communication tool to standardize processes is essential, but that process takes time and resources.

Without automated processes in place, communication workflow issues can become burdensome for fleet management teams and ultimately result in lost productivity, higher overhead costs and lower employee job satisfaction if their time is constantly spent troubleshooting and managing route and delivery mishaps, as well as unhappy customers (and drivers).

Introducing Appian’s Customer Communication Manager

Due to the market demand and years of customer feedback pointing to the need for better communication practices in the transportation industry, Trimble has added a new service, Customer Communication Manager (CCM), to its Appian software solution.

Customers today expect to be informed at every stage of the delivery process. When did their order ship? When will it arrive? Are there any delays or adjustments happening along the way? It’s critical for commercial fleets to meet these expectations when it comes to frequent alerts, notifications and updates. Providing an exceptional delivery experience starts with complete visibility and accessible information.

Trimble’s CCM enables fleet operators to automatically send text and email messages to their customers based on order status changes throughout the day. Whether a fleet needs to inform a customer that their order has shipped, been delayed, or will soon arrive, Trimble CCM makes it easy to provide real-time updates, building visibility and trust throughout the shipping process.

With CCM, companies have the flexibility to establish their own rules for sending messages to customers via email or SMS, such as delivery or delay notifications. Messages can be customized to fit a company’s brand standards via the easy-to-use template designer. All messages will include a link to a customer’s personalized tracking portal, so they can see the progress on a map and know exactly when they can expect their delivery.


Next Steps

Getting started with CCM is quick and easy. Once customers have configured their message settings, established rules, and personalized their message templates and tracking portal, CCM operates automatically, giving fleet operators time back to focus on other priority projects.

No more phone calls and guessing games -- CCM is a complete communication system that complements your planning and tracking processes to achieve a truly connected supply chain.

To learn more about Trimble’s Customer Communication Manager, visit: You can also reach out to set up a demo.