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Trimble’s Michael Kornhauser Discusses the Safety Benefits of Navigation & Routing Tools

There are few things more critical to a fleet's safety than providing professional drivers with reliable and current navigation and routing tools. In a recent interview with FreightWaves, Michael Kornhauser, Sector vice president of transportation and logistics for Trimble, discussed how having the right technology solutions can make for a safer, more efficient transportation industry.

“Truck navigation is founded upon creating a truck-safe and legal route for your driver,” said Kornhauser. “Whether you’re responsible for one truck, five trucks or twenty-thousand trucks, commercial navigation is an essential tool for keeping your drivers safe, legal and ultimately providing more efficient routes.”

Throughout his conversation, Kornhauser highlighted how tools like Trimble’s CoPilot navigation app is specifically designed for commercial drivers and fleets to go beyond simple turn-by-turn guidance. Commercial vehicles are extremely variable in their size, weight and loads, and beholden to rules and regulations that normal commuters are not. For instance, when a large vehicle carrying a heavy load approaches a turn on a highway, it’s critical that the driver be prepared with information that will help them avoid a dangerous rollover.

And when paired with Trimble’s PC*Miler, fleet managers can provide their drivers routing capabilities that use the same proprietary map data—including a library of verified places with polygonal geofences—on which the drivers’ mileage and location is tracked. This combination ensures that drivers have the most current navigational information possible and are being paid correctly for their work, while fleets streamline their operations and reduce empty miles without sacrificing safety on the road.

“At Trimble, we produce our own map data, and we do that because there’s an essential link between the map data and the navigation system,” said Kornhauser. “We’ve been doing this for over 40 years in the PC*Miler product, and for over 30 years in our navigation products. Building that repository of truck-safe, truck-legal restrictions- things that truck drivers care about- in the map data is essential,” he said.

To hear more of Kornhauser’s conversation with FreightWaves, check out the video below. And to learn more about Trimble’s CoPilot navigation app or PC*Miler routing can enhance your fleet’s operations and drivers’ experience, contact our team.