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Trimble Helps Dupré Ensure Their Fleet Never Sleeps

“We do our jobs so well, as logistics professionals, as an industry, that we make it look easy,” said Reggie Dupré, chief executive officer of Dupré Logistics. “We’re actually invisible.”

Louisiana-based Dupré started in 1980 as a single self-service gas station and has since grown to have a fleet of more than 600 trucks that haul crude across the United States.

“We have our slogan, ‘Always Forward Thinking,’” said Dupré. “We try to anticipate, we try to look around the corner if we can.”

Part of that anticipation is to ensure that Dupré has the right technology solutions in place to support their continued growth and emphasis on customer service. To help support this mission, Dupré relies on a wide range of Trimble products to ensure their fleet and drivers are operating safely and efficiently, wherever the journey takes them.

“We use a half-dozen Trimble products all together to make these products really sing,” said Elise Fournet, project management office manager of Dupré Logistics. “They know crude hauling and they’ve really figured out how to manage assets in a way that makes it cost-effective to do this kind of work. So we’ve been really happy with Trimble and across the board.”


Check out the video below to find out how Dupré utilizes Trimble technology to keep it “Always Forward Thinking” and always working to maximize the safety, efficiency and performance of its fleet.