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Four Seasons Produce and Sunrise Logistics Rely on Trimble to Keep Their Food Supply Chain Fresh

Hear Chad Ogden explain the manual aspects of picking fresh produce, it highlights just how intricate and complex the food supply chain is.

“I have had an opportunity to see some of the farms where our produce comes from,” said Ogden, who is the director of freight brokerage at Sunrise Logistics. “To see an older woman on her hands and knees picking a strawberry and to then stop and think of the volume of strawberries that moves, not only just through our facility but feeds this entire country…it really puts into perspective the price of produce when you see it in the grocery store.”

Ephrata, PA-based Sunrise Logistics is part of the Four Seasons family of companies, which is a wholesale distributor of fruits and vegetables. Its main facility is a 350,000 square foot refrigerated facility, which stores a wide range of produce – an inventory that turns over once a week. In total, Sunrise plans 400-700 orders a night.


The logistical planning behind these shipments and deliveries is complex and Sunrise counts on a wide range of Trimble solutions to help ensure its products are delivered safely and efficiently.

“We utilize the Trimble companies because of the value that their entire suite of programs bring to our organization,” said Greg Goss, general manager of the Four Seasons family of companies. “We can get the right equipment for the right conditions and the right customer every time.”


Discover more about Sunrise Logistics in the video below and learn how they are utilizing Trimble Transportation solutions to increase productivity, customer service and efficiencies throughout their organization.