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Trimble and Motion Intelligence Collaborate to Improve Safety and Reduce Distracted Driving

According to the CDC, distracted driving caused an average of 9 deaths and 1000 injuries per day in 2017.

At Trimble, our mission is to make the roads better, safer and greener for everyone. Part of our commitment to safety is to eliminate the technological distractions drivers face.

As any driver can attest to, the increase of technology in vehicles can make it easy to get distracted and not pay full attention to the road. We realize this and build our in-cab displays to have limited function while a vehicle is in motion, to ensure we are helping our fleets’ drivers' safety and productivity, not hindering them.

The rapid growth of smartphone use in both our personal and professional lives is creating an additional hazard for all drivers on the road. To address this challenge, we have started to collaborate with a company called Motion Intelligence to understand how to implement unique driver safety technology and help curb smart mobile device distractions in the transportation industry.

“Distracted driving is a common concern not just for fleet drivers, but for everyone on the road. Our continued effort to find methods to improve safety has led us to collaborate with Motion Intelligence,” said Eric Witty, Trimble’s former Vice President of Product. “This collaboration is intended to help us find out how to deliver technology that can further eliminate distracted driving and make everyone on the road safer.”

Motion Intelligence’s HALO is a multi-solution platform based on the detection and precise location of smart mobile devices in vehicles. HALO identifies any smart mobile devices in the driver’s zone, preventing the driver from texting, emailing, using social media and other apps while the vehicle is in use.

“The ability to detect that there is a smart mobile device in a vehicle, and knowing exactly where in the vehicle that device opens up a host of applications that enhance driver and passenger safety,” explains Motion Intelligence CEO, Sue Spradley. “One of HALO’s key uses is the elimination of hands-on device use while driving. It prevents distracted driving—and that saves lives.”

Trimble and Motion Intelligence have been testing the HALO solution in a select number of Trimble customer fleets. We will be highlighting this collaboration and the issue of distracted driving at large during our in.sight user conference + expo, held in Houston, TX on Sept. 9-12, 2019.

At Trimble, we are dedicated to the safety and efficiency of the fleets we serve, which is why we collaborate with companies such as Motion Intelligence who are dedicated to improving the safety of the transportation industry.

Join us in Houston to learn more about how we are helping transform transportation and making the roads safer for all drivers.