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New Video Intelligence Backup Camera Gives You Eyes On The Back of Your Trailer

We’ve all been there: you start to back up from a parking spot or driveway and something suddenly appears, whether it is another car or object you didn’t see before. To help drivers better navigate these situations,  an increasing number of new vehicles are equipped with in-dash backup cameras.

If you think it is difficult to back up a car, imagine how much more challenging it is to back up a 18-wheel tractor trailer in a crowded loading dock. Other vehicles, workers, forklifts — these are just some of the obstacles a driver must avoid when lining up with a loading dock bay.

To help alleviate these challenges, Trimble recently introduced a trailer backup camera as part of its Video Intelligence solution. The Video Intelligence backup camera is the industry’s first wireless trailer backup camera to automatically pair with tractors to stream live video in-cab.

The backup camera is part of the fully-integrated Video Intelligence solution, which also includes forward and side-facing cameras, to give you 360 degrees of video data from your fleet.

The benefits of the Video Intelligence trailer backup camera aren’t limited to just the times a truck is in reverse. The camera also records rear-facing video when the Onboard Event Recorder® (OER) is triggered to potentially exonerate your driver in the event of a collision.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), nearly 17 percent of all fatal truck-car collisions in 2015 were the result of a passenger vehicle rear-ending a large truck.

Having this video evidence of a rear-end collision not only can help you get the full picture of an accident but it can also potentially save you money in the event of a lawsuit.

Interested in learning more about how Video Intelligence can help benefit your fleet? Contact us today and request a free ROI assessment to find out how Video Intelligence can not only protect your fleet’s bottom line but help you operate safer and more efficiently than ever before.