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Top Considerations for Implementing Video into your Fleet Management Systems

There’s a heavy price to pay for being in the trucking business. Literally. While vital to industry, the daily cost of moving products can take their toll on a company, not to mention the dangers of being in a highly litigious environment.

Depending on the details of the accident, employers that bear the responsibility of crash-related costs can easily lose anywhere from $17,000 to $500,000 per incident. With certain cases going into the millions in terms of settlements, these can be devastating to a business.

Implementing video-based solutions, referred to as video telematics or video intelligence, into your fleet management systems can help keep your drivers and products safe, increase your margins, and mitigate those costly settlements in case of an accident.  

While the benefits of video are clear, here at Trimble we know that there can be obstacles that can get in the way of implementing video into your fleet management solutions. 


Here are a few considerations when selecting a video intelligence solution as part of your fleet safety program: 

Address operational blind spots 

There’s a lot that goes into managing a trucking fleet. Beyond just moving product from Point A to Point B, you have to keep costs down, maintain high client expectations, and follow strict government regulations… all at the same time. These factors can be difficult to juggle with everything else you deal with, often becoming liabilities if they are not managed appropriately.  

Implementing video can increase the efficiency of your safety program by helping to create safer drivers, utilizing data from video intelligence ultimately results in fewer collisions, less damage to your vehicles, and lower insurance premiums, all of which increase your bottom line. Have a client that says your driver didn’t make a delivery? Video evidence can prove that they were there. Going through an audit? Video footage of your trucks and drivers can ensure your team is following safety standards in the field. 


Focus on real-time and continuous improvements 

You can miss a big portion of the benefits of video telematics and intelligence if you only focus on the fatal or serious results of an accident. There are daily issues that need to be addressed. Since your business is constantly changing, your safety solutions should evolve with it.  

Any good video solution allows you to remotely see what’s happening in and around your vehicles in real-time. This makes it easier for you to take a proactive approach to solve problems in the field. Without leaving the office, fleet managers can see what your drivers are doing on a daily basis and issue corrective actions if anything isn’t up to standard.  


Highlight achievements 

Great fleet managers know that recognizing and rewarding your team for their efforts will do wonders for morale, which ultimately trickles down into safer, better drivers. Even simple acknowledgments can encourage improved driver performance, build team morale, and show off to your clients that you’re a professional company worth working with.  



Video intelligence allows you the opportunity to reward your drivers for a job well done. With consistent, daily video and metrics of driver performance, you’ll know when it’s time to share their successes.  


Quickly adopt new technologies 

Video telematics is built around the idea of using cutting-edge technologies to monitor your fleet like never before. This means that the effectiveness of these solutions will depend on the quality of your equipment.  

While it’s currently just starting out, 5G broadband may facilitate better video monitoring as the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks greatly increases. The amount of data that you can transmit with 5G will also drastically go up due to more available bandwidth and advanced antenna technology. With these improvements, you’ll be able to transmit clearer, high-detail footage from your trucks in real-time, giving your fleet managers the information they need to make timely decisions and ensure consistent product delivery. If an accident does happen, 5G will allow for easier access to high-quality video evidence to refute any claims.  


Of course, before worrying about the benefits of 5G, you need to have a good video intelligence solution set in place. Trimble’s revolutionary new video solution, Trimble Video Intelligence™, lets you see the big picture of your fleet management.  

Trimble Video Intelligence monitors your trucks, and drivers, from all angles, giving you valuable data that you can use for the daily management of your fleet and as evidence in case of an accident. Our product is the only solution on the market that you can fully integrate with both CSA data basics and fleet mobility systems.  

With Trimble Video Intelligence and the right strategies, you’ll be able to manage your fleet like never before.  Contact us to find out how you can keep your fleet safe and reduce risk.