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Rethink Your Dedicated Network with Our New and Improved Appian Tool

A new generation of software solutions, based on new data analytics and organizational technologies, is paving the way to the transportation industry’s future. These technologies are already helping fleet operators find smarter routes, improve customer services and reduce budgets. For customers whose shipments might require multiple modes of transportation and need to cross multiple domiciles, terminals, carriers and more, there’s a new way to simplify the planning process: Appian Transportation Modeler. 

Trimble’s new and improved Appian Transportation Modeler is a modeling tool designed to help analysts optimize their shipments and determine the lowest total landed cost for customers, regardless of a shipment’s unique origin and destination points. This tool, available as part of our Appian routing and dispatch solution, helps shippers and carriers in two major ways:

  • Multiple Account Management – Providers with multiple dedicated accounts in a region/city can find the lowest cost and most resource-efficient routing solutions without prioritizing domicile.
  • Simplified Routing – Providers that don’t want to be solely responsible for routing a customer’s shipment can find a routing solution that lets them pick the optimal shipping mode.  

As opposed to traditional domicile-centric routing, which involves trucks leaving and then returning to the same domicile with their shipments, Appian Transportation Modeler focuses on finding routing solutions when a truck is leaving one location and returning to another after completing its delivery.

The routes Appian Transportation Modeler suggests begin where a truck is parked and are not tied to where the freight is. Routes can begin loaded or empty and vehicles can pick up multiple shipments prior to making one or more deliveries. This solution provides carriers and shippers a flexibility in their route planning that other tools do not.

By creating more dynamic routes that incorporate multiple start and end locations, as well as multiple transportation modes, carriers can more efficiently plan how their fleet and resources are used, and shippers can better control costs and adapt to customer needs. Learn more by watching the overview video below.

To start optimizing your routes with Appian, please contact our team for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll work to understand your business need and recommend a custom deployment to achieve your goals.