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Beyond the Fleet: What’s New in Trimble Transportation | Q1 2023

Beyond the Fleet

As we forge forward in 2023, I’d like to reach out and connect with our valued industry partners to reflect on what an incredible year we had in 2022 and to expand on Trimble Transportation’s vision for this year.

We know it's a busy time of year and understand the urgency that comes with meeting customers' capacity needs against the backdrop of ongoing supply chain challenges. Be comforted in knowing that we’ve got your back. Every day our team at Trimble Transportation is committed to building new solutions to ensure your business can continue to run efficiently.

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Year in Review

2022 was a benchmark year for Trimble Transportation, but there are a few key moments of which I’m particularly proud.

We connected with thousands of customers and hundreds of industry partners at our 2022 Insight Tech Conference + Expo in Orlando. With over 200 sessions, Insight was a massive success in establishing and strengthening connections across our industry. It was amazing to personally connect with so many of our customers and partners, and I appreciate the time that so many of you took to help me better understand your business challenges and opportunities. Keep an eye out for your invite as we're heading to Vegas for Insight 2023, where I hope to see you personally. 

In 2022, we launched Engage Lane, an agile cloud-based procurement solution that directly connects carriers and shippers to provide carriers with more contract freight opportunities along problem-level lanes. I think Engage Lane has the potential to improve and strengthen the relationship between shippers and carriers and to fill the gaping hole that currently exists between the traditional network bid and the spot market, and it was gratifying to have that recognized with a Best in Show Award at FreightWaves’ 2022 Future of Freight Festival (F3).

We're also excited to continue to move forward with a growing portfolio of cloud-first solutions. Supported by our partnership with Microsoft, we are committed to providing you with best-in-class products and services that facilitate increased business agility and, most importantly, the freedom for you to concentrate on your core business. We've already seen hundreds of companies consuming Trimble solutions that are built and enabled by our cloud solutions, and we look forward to adding more in the coming year. Have you switched over to our SaaS products across TMT, TruckMate, and TMW Suite?

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Looking Ahead

I’m incredibly excited about our continued efforts to create a truly connected supply chain as part of our 2023 journey.

As industry leaders, we pride ourselves on serving as the connective tissue between you, your customers, and the broader supply chain. We’ll continue to grow and add features to Engage Lane to ensure it’s of the utmost value to your business. Through our Connected Maintenance initiative, we are working to create a more-seamless maintenance ecosystem and transforming how vendor repair and maintenance is managed in the industry.

You’re likely already familiar with Trimble Transportation Cloud (TTC), our industry cloud that provides a modern technological architecture, a secure infrastructure, high scalability, and one-to-many connectivity across our portfolio, our integrations, and our partners. Modernizing core services is a key objective of ours in order to accelerate value delivery to customers and to enable you to create your ideal ecosystem using TTC. Based on our NextGen Services vision, we have implemented a modular development approach through which we will modernize your TMS experience and start delivering performance improvements, regular innovation, and faster time-to-value. 

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Product Corner

TruckMate Updates
From Damian Wallace, TruckMate Product Manager

  • Did you know that TruckMate’s APIs can help you streamline accounting, sales, and more? Click here to learn more about API integrations. 

  • The latest update of TruckMate 2022.4 is available now. Check out our webinar to learn how the upgraded features can benefit your business.

Engage Lane Updates
From Kelly Williams, Engage Lane Product Manager

  • The award-winning “Best in Show” demo for our Engage Lane solution is now available! Watch the full demo to see how our new cloud-based procurement platform uses industry-leading location data and routing algorithms to connect carriers and shippers and uncover more efficient, productive ways to move freight.

  • Remember, you’ll receive Engage Lane free for one year when you convert your on-prem TMW Suite or TruckMate TMS to SaaS. There’s no better way for shippers and carriers to kick off 2023 than with a better way to move freight together!

Most importantly, I’d like to personally thank you for your continued loyalty and partnership throughout the past year. As always, my door is always open for your thoughts and feedback on how we can better serve our customer network.

I wish you all the best throughout 2023 and look forward to reconnecting with you throughout the year.

Dan Popkin
Sector VP, Enterprise 
Trimble Transportation