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For Brady Trucking, Trimble’s SaaS TMS Platform Grows With the Business

For anyone who lives and breathes Information Technology in the transportation and logistics industry, it’s a job with many moving parts. So what is foremost among tech-wiz Daniel Jorgensen’s daily agenda items? Ensuring the software under his watch, such as a transportation management system (TMS), is performing at maximum efficiency to optimize all aspects of the supply chain.

As the IT Manager and Business Analyst for Brady Trucking, Inc., Jorgensen knows the most desirable software is that which delivers on its promise—by taking internal user needs into consideration with the objective of achieving a winning external customer experience through accountability and thorough attention to detail.

“There are approximately 40 employees at our Vernal, Utah, headquarters,” says Jorgensen. “Factor in the 200 drivers who are connected via their in-cab units, plus the staff at the terminals and transport centers and the demand for accurate, real-time service rises.”

Or, in short, he is charged with making sure that Brady’s 250 employees have uncomplicated, unfettered and secure access to the IT system for every tendered load, every transaction and every settlement.


Heavily into Oil and Gas

A commitment to reliability is standard for Brady Trucking, which counts among its customers instantly recognizable names like Schlumberger and Halliburton. The carrier has facilities spread throughout Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming, including at the Bakken Formation and Permian Basin, both prolific sources of North American oil production. Between 60 to 70% of Brady’s business is through its local and long-haul oil and gas division, which transports frac sand (force-resistant sand needed in the hydraulic fracturing process); the remaining 30% is in over-the-road dry-and liquid-bulk transport.

In business for over 40 years, Brady Trucking, which predominantly services America’s lower 48 with cross-border provision to Canada, has earned a reputation as an organization that places safety and reliability, with attention to the needs of its drivers, among its core values.

Explains Jorgensen, “Everything we do takes our drivers into consideration. Management’s perspective is: how will a new approach affect the drivers’ lives? This philosophy is where having the best software at hand makes a powerful impression because that technology is what allows us to help improve our drivers’ position.”


TMS Software Scales as Business Evolves

Jorgensen joined Brady Trucking in 2017, inheriting the transportation management system within which the business-growth platform TMW.Suite and vehicle-health solution TMT Fleet Maintenance were already in place [Brady has been a Trimble customer since 2009]. 

Work volume, says Jorgensen, was instrumental in the company reaching out to Trimble, noting, “Our Williston, North Dakota, site was booming, and TMW.Suite helped us to achieve peak performance during that time. It has been very helpful as our business evolves. The ability to customize the user interface lets us quickly adapt to business changes. We can easily integrate with our Fuel System, TMT Fleet Maintenance and our ELD System to provide accurate information to our dispatchers, which improves utilization and efficiency. Getting the information needed into the hands of our dispatchers helps them excel at their job and takes the guesswork out of what they do.”

Calling it “the core of our shops”, Jorgensen praises TMT Fleet Maintenance software capabilities, explaining that the solution’s reporting capabilities are valuable for tracking costs and allowing at-a-glance reviews of expenses, both companywide and for single units. Says Jorgensen, “This visibility lets us focus our cost-savings efforts to where they have a huge impact and track the results.”


Technology for Efficiency, Compliance and Cost Reduction

Currently managing an upgrade of TMT’s Asset Maintenance Software (AMS), Jorgensen credits Trimble for helping him identify areas for improvement and expansion. He explains, “Trimble continually works toward better technology—the TMWGo! Mobile App, for example, looks to be remarkably helpful through customized reports, and for safety and performance concerns. This is a powerful incentive.”

Jorgenson’s assessment is accurate: TMWGo! is designed specifically for drivers, dispatchers and driver managers to improve driver satisfaction; communicate 24/7; provide real-time updates; view upcoming, past and current loads; and view payroll data.

“I’m interested in the technologies that offer enhanced levels of compliance and cost reduction,” he continues. “Trimble has the mobility option—and more investigation of how that might benefit Brady Trucking is definitely on my radar.”


Implementing the Power of Trimble TMS Solutions in Your Fleet

Brady Trucking is one example of how fleets of all types and sizes are moving to SaaS-based solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of their operations.