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INFOGRAPHIC: Discover the ABCs of RFPs

Enhancing supply chain collaboration not only involves the right technology, it also requires stakeholders to examine how business processes like requests for proposals or RFPs can be optimized.

Improving the RFP process was a focus of a recent research study from Trimble and FreightWaves, which surveyed a collection of shippers, carriers and brokers to identify how RFP process can be enhanced to benefit everyone.

Check out the below infographic to uncover some key takeaways from this survey to help you understand how to begin streamlining how RFPs are conducted for your business.

How to create freight RFP

Increase Your RFP Know-How with Trimble

Ready to begin advancing how your organization leverages RFPs?

Catch a replay of a recent webinar that walks through this comprehensive survey in more detail and can help you realize a more efficient and profitable RFP process.