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The Fleet Risk Management Solution You Need

Built For and By Risk Experts

Trimble was made to give risk management experts the tools they were missing. Like easy to manage reports on accidents, incidents, claims and OS&D with visual dashboards. As an added bonus, it also has convenient workflows that reduce data entry.

Embedded Accounting

Trimble boosts data accuracy and speed by offering direct payment management, salvage recovery and more.

Easy Integration With Innovative

Risk Management & Safety is an Innovative module that allows users to easily manage risk and safety details from inside the Innovative TMS.

A Broad Lineup of Tools

Whether you need a solution for salvage recovery, workers comp, or something else, Risk Management & Safety can accommodate.

In-Depth Reporting

From Driver Safety History to DOT and Terminal Inspection data, Trimble can quickly generate a wide range of detailed risk reports.

Quick Visual Insights

Trimble provides quick and easy insight into the status of claims, to-dos, outstanding responses and more via user-friendly visual dashboards.

Take Smart Risks With Tools for Every Scenario

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Protect Your Company With Risk Management & Safety from Trimble

Easily manage risk and safety related events for your company with Innovative Risk Management & Safety. Talk to a qualified expert to learn more.