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Drive Your Company Forward

Be More Productive

Give your entire team access to important company information so they can maintain their productivity from anywhere — inside the office or out.

Share Route Changes

Allow your drivers to see route and load details, payroll information and dispatch communications, even when they're outside of their cabs.

Notify Drivers

Send your drivers timely data regarding trips, payroll and more to make sure they always have the information they need and enjoy their jobs.

Connect Drivers and Customers

Offer your customers amazing experiences by enabling dispatch workers to interface with them 24/7/365 from their mobile phones.

Use Smart Phones

Choose a truck driver app that works on the iOS and Android devices your employees already own to help improve adoption rates.

Combine With Other Trimble Products

Connect InMotion to Innovative TMS to guarantee that the details inside InMotion are always accurate and useful to your team members.

Keep Your Drivers Happy and Productive

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Connect with a Sales Expert

InMotion Strengthens the Driver and Dispatcher Relationship

Mobilize your workforce with InMotion, the app you've been waiting for. Contact us today to learn more.