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Streamline the Recruiting Process

Driver Acquisition Made Easy

Secure Screening & Checks

Track every recruitment action, from screening new applicants to checking safety records, with our intuitive acquisition tool to find the perfect fit.

Detailed Recruiting Checklists

Create detailed checklists that allow recruiters to quickly screen drivers' service and safety records and make sure the right hire is always made.

In-Depth Reports

View the ROI of your advertising efforts in regard to recruiting, as well as the performance of individual recruiters via in-depth reports.

Driver Data Storage

Fill your recruitment pipeline and reduce the time it takes to hire new drivers by saving past applicant data in your system for future evaluation.

Integration With Innovative TMS

Maximize the potential of your Innovative TMS with the Trimble Driver Acquisition add-on. This will increase data accuracy across your system.

Hire the Best Drivers

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Streamline Driver Acquisition Processes With Trimble

Supercharge your transportation company with top-quality drivers. Trimble Driver Acquisition will help you advertise for, screen and hire a stellar driver force quickly and cost-effectively. Talk to an expert today to learn more about our industry-leading tool.