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Find Out How Schwerman Trucking Never Stops Evolving with Trimble Solutions

Robert Hoehler, vice president of business development for Schwerman Trucking, likes to cite a phrase that describes Schwerman’s approach to business growth and technology innovation in general.

“If you are doing it the same way you were doing it five years ago, you are doing it wrong,” said Hoehler.

That approach has served Schwerman well, as it has grown from starting in 1913 with one man and one truck to now having 28 different locations across the United States to haul liquid and dry bulk materials.

A key component of that growth, accordingly to Hoehler, is how Schwerman can use technology to improve efficiencies and performance.

“The way we gain an edge in some of that is how well we use technology…adapt, innovate, run our business a little differently, a little more efficiently,” said Hoehler.

Part of that innovation stems from the use of Trimble technology, particularly as it relates to improving driver performance and increasing safety.

Schwerman’s Driver Habits Improvement Program (DHIP) relies on data collected by Trimble solutions to provide insights to improve driver behavior and identify coaching opportunities. Schwerman estimates that through DHIP it has reduced preventable accidents by 30 percent.


Check out the video below to learn more about Schwerman’s business and how it is using Trimble to ensure it has the solutions in place to never stop evolving.