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5 Benefits of Attending In-Person Conferences Like Trimble’s Insight Tech Conference + Expo

Trimble’s annual Insight Tech Conference + Expo is back August 14-17, 2022, with an onsite event in Orlando that offers transportation professionals an opportunity to get “insights” on key industry and technology trends to help them work more effectively in a connected supply chain. 

As we prepare to gather in person after hosting virtual events over the past two years, we’re thinking about the intangible aspects of getting together at Insight that we’ve missed over the past few years. 

1. Enjoying The Space Between

So much networking and relationship-building takes place in the space between the events – whether it's eating lunch, grabbing a coffee between sessions or running into familiar faces in the hallway. Interactions at Insight happen in a variety of different ways that cannot be replicated online, including our “Power of Together” networking sessions each day.

2. Reconnecting with Other People

For some of us, it's the connection on a human level that's so great about attending in-person events. Face-to-face, we're more willing to openly share personal life happenings and business anecdotes. When you’re in direct contact with someone, the dynamic of those conversations changes and can make connections more memorable and meaningful. 

3. Staying Checked In    

Attending events in person limits the distractions often associated with attending virtually. It’s easy to lose focus during online events because you’re checking emails or dealing with the everyday distractions of home and office life. By attending Insight in person, you can truly focus on learning and connecting, without all the other day-to-day distractions. 

There’s also the opportunity to check in with our talented staff face-to-face. You can stop by the Insight LAB for hands-on training with Trimble’s experts and get your questions answered. Dozens of technology vendors will also have experts and the latest supply chain solutions up and running for you to demo in the Expo Hall. 

4. Realizing Idea Extensions

Attending Insight allows you to not only make connections with people, but to make connections between ideas. If you're in a virtual meeting, your parameters are the four sides of your screen and you may be restricted to whatever the presenter is sharing. 

But in person, you can absorb things in different dimensions. Walking through the Expo Hall, you might think, “That's the third booth I noticed that's featuring that new technology. Maybe that's a trend we should look into." You can share these insights with colleagues and peers in real-time to extend the ideas and discussions further than in an online-only forum.

5. Experiencing the Happiest Place on Earth

It’s nearly impossible to truly experience the “happiest place on earth” from your desk chair. We’re taking full advantage of our location at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort in Orlando to experience the resort, grounds and theme parks for a variety of events, including VIP access to Epcot’s World Showcase. We’ve also set up special pricing options so guests can join you at Disney (including our VIP event) as well!

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