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Vusion Automates New York Tax Filing with New File Upload Option

When people think of transportation and logistics, most think of big trucks full of boxes and commercial drivers working long hours to deliver the goods we need. But behind the assets and activity, there are essential financial and regulatory responsibilities that make the already complex work of moving freight even more cumbersome. To help alleviate that burden, Trimble has enhanced its Vusion regulatory compliance services with an automated Highway Use Tax reporting file upload process for the state of New York. 

In 2022, it’s estimated that “743 million tons of freight, valued at $1.3 trillion” moved through New York according to a recent report from TRIP, a national transportation research nonprofit. As a result of this large amount of annual commercial transport moving through its borders, New York has many unique restrictions and rules around filing fuel usage and mileage taxes. With this new filing option, what was traditionally a time-consuming process that cost resources and aggravation has been streamlined to significantly reduce the hours spent meeting this requirement. 

This new filing option saves taxpayers hours of time that they would have previously wasted manually entering the information into New York’s One Stop Credentialing and Registration (OSCAR) website. Vusion’s full-service fuel and mileage tax solution combines GPS, ECM odometer readings and fuel purchase data with our purpose-built algorithm and years of experience, to take IFTA and mileage tax returns off your hands and eliminate compliance headaches. 

A similarly streamlined tax filing option was previously deployed for the state of Connecticut, which requires that all tax reporting be done via digital upload. Similar options are in the works for additional IFTA and road-use tax returns as well.

Contact the Vusion team to learn how you can take advantage of these tax reporting solutions and start streamlining your processes now.