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V&S and Fortune Realize the Wealth of Benefits that Come with Video Intelligence

While it is important for fleet managers to know what happens on the road, it can sometimes be just as important to know what doesn’t happen on the road.

This was the case for Fortune Transportation, a Minnesota-based refrigerated carrier. One of Fortune’s vehicles was involved in an accident and the other driver claimed that Fortune’s driver was responsible for the collision.

The individual…gave a statement to the officer that our driver deviated from his lane and came into his lane of travel,” said Jeff Reeves, director of safety for Fortune Transportation. “When we provided the video to the officer onsite, it flipped the story right around.

Fortune Transportation utilizes the Trimble Video Intelligence™ solution in its fleet. Comprised of forward, side and rear-facing cameras, Video Intelligence is designed to provide fleets with a 360-degree view of their vehicles – not just for accident litigation protection but to also help identify driving behaviors that can be addressed through proper coaching.

The potential for enhanced driver feedback is valuable to V&S Midwest Carriers, a Wisconsin-based fleet. By pairing video with data on items such as hard braking, acceleration and deceleration rates, V&S can get a more accurate picture of who in their fleet needs coaching to potentially prevent a future accident from occurring.

So can I take all of this data and try to figure out an algorithm that I can grade a driver by and get instant data to him or her and figure out what makes them a quality driver?” said Don Dains, vice president of operations for V&S Midwest Carriers. “Yeah, that’s what we want to do.

Check out the video below to discover how Video Intelligence can enable you to see the full picture of what happens on the road, not just to protect yourself from potential litigation but to make all parts of your fleet safer and more efficient.