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Trimble Receives Additional Device Certification for Canada’s ELD Mandate

In October 2021, Trimble became one of the first fleet management providers to gain certification that its electronic logging device (ELD) platform complies with the technical requirements of Canada’s ELD regulation.

Building off of this initial certification, the PeopleNet Connected Gateway (PCG) device is now also certified to comply with the mandate when paired with Trimble ELD.

With the Canadian mandate slated to be fully enforced beginning in June 2022, now is the time to begin planning for your compliance with the regulation. And, whether you are based in Canada or cross the border, there are a few important things to keep in mind as you prepare to operate under this new rule set.

With this in mind, we recently sat down with Frank Stowers, senior product manager for Trimble’s compliance product suite, to highlight a few common questions about the mandate and how Trimble is here to help you comply with both the U.S. and Canada ELD regulations.

What is Trimble's certification status in regard to Canada's ELD mandate?

Trimble ELD is certified to comply with Canada’s ELD regulation when used in conjunction with either PeopleNet Mobile Gateway (PMG) or PeopleNet Connected Gateway (PCG) hardware.

While these two devices represent the vast majority of our user base, we are focused on expanding on our certification to include additional hardware options as well. Our aim is to help provide customers with flexibility in selecting the right devices for their specific business needs while being confident in knowing that they are also choosing a compliant solution.

How should fleets prepare if they are subject to this regulation in Canada?

Preparing for compliance will largely depend on what you use to track driver Hours of Service (HOS) today. Are you operating on ELD because you are subject to the U.S. mandate or are you tracking HOS via an Automatic Onboard Recording Device (AOBRD) or on paper logs?

For current Trimble customers that are either on our Driver ELD or the AOBRD version, the first step is to update their software code to our certified version. After that step is completed, current AOBRD customers will need to follow the steps to migrate to ELD. For Trimble customers already on ELD, they should also reach out to their Customer Success Manager (CSM) to activate certain features required by the mandate.

What are some of the features of our latest version of Driver ELD that can benefit all fleets, regardless of where they operate?

As mentioned above, we ask that all of our customers activate the settings needed to comply with Canada’s rule set, regardless of whether or not they are subject to the regulation. 

The reason for this is two-fold: first, US-based fleets will be able to take advantage of new features like Driver Warnings, which provide drivers with the ability to adjust their driver type in the cab and take advantage of historical rule set tracking and general usability enhancements.  

Secondly, taking a software code update now and activating the aforementioned features will position fleets to utilize additional enhancements that are released in the future.

What should fleets know about the regulatory changes included in the mandate?

For starters, it is important to familiarize yourself with regulation and its specific rules. It is also crucial to recognize that there are a number of fundamental differences between how AOBRDs and ELDs operate.

More specifically, the ELD mandate adjusts rules around things like automatically recorded driving time and what to do if a device malfunctions or issues a data diagnostic code. These are changes that will impact both driver and back office workflows so you should ensure that your drivers and other fleet personnel understand how these requirements may affect them.

Another area to keep in mind is the roadside inspection process. It is imperative that a fleet’s drivers understand what might be expected of them during roadside inspections, including how to display logs and transmit them to enforcement.

With our ELD certification for both PMG and PCG devices in hand, what else are we working on to enhance our platform?

Your fleet’s regulatory compliance isn’t a checkbox - it is a core part of your day-to-day operations. At Trimble, we share that commitment and continuously enhance our solutions to support the compliance of you and your drivers. 

We are working on redesigning the usability of our log certification process, enhancing items such as yard move functionality and modernizing our ELD architecture to ensure the product remains in a high quality state. This also includes removing certain levels of latency that may exist today, both for the in-cab and back office experience.

Ensure Your ELD Compliance with Trimble

No matter where you are based in North America or what kind of fleet you operate, Trimble can help you ensure your continued compliance in a changing regulatory landscape.

Connect with us today to learn more about our certified ELD solution and how we are focused on providing you with not only compliant technology but the tools to help you and your drivers improve safety and productivity.