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Trimble Launches COVID-19 Resource Page for Transportation Industry

As the transportation industry ‒ and the world as a whole ‒ continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, having access to the right information is crucial to staying safe and productive during these unprecedented times.

To help keep our customers and the industry up to date, Trimble recently launched a COVID-19 online resource hub filled with news, customer stories and topics related to COVID-19’s impact on the industry. As we continue to monitor for new developments, we will add additional content relevant to transportation industry professionals like you.

Collaboration is crucial during a time like this, and this newly-launched resource page is intended to inspire new ways for transportation operations to increase efficiencies and stay safe. By working together, we can not only solve the current COVID-19 challenges but improve how the supply chain works in the months and years to come.


Trimble Transportation Solutions to Help You Combat COVID-19

Whether it’s staff having to work remotely or assets being utilized in new and demanding ways, COVID-19 has reshaped how transportation businesses are operating. In addition to having access to the right information, having the right technology in place can be of critical importance during this pandemic.

As part of the launch of our resource page, we are also including details on several Trimble solutions to help customers navigate this time safely and efficiently. Some of these solutions include:

TMT Fleet Maintenance & TMT Service Center: Keeping assets up and running is always crucial, but this is especially true in the face of COVID-19. Trimble’s SaaS-based maintenance platform can help identify and predict trouble on the road and enable fleets to save time, lower costs and better utilize their resources.

Regardless of what a fleet hauls, having this intuitive, subscription-based solution in place can help fleets more effectively get their freight where it needs to be in a timely manner.

Access Plus: With many employees required to work remotely, back office personnel can have difficulty leveraging the tools they use while in the office. Trimble’s Access Plus can streamline this process, enabling users to use their exact system so dispatchers can work anywhere ‒ from the office to their kitchen table.

After a fast, remote installation, users are able to manage their fleet’s operations ‒ order entry to settlements ‒ wherever their current “office” is. Designed specifically for transportation and logistics companies, Access Plus has affordable, truck-based pricing and subscription technology.

Safe Havens Web App: Truck drivers rely on service centers to provide them with items such as hot meals, fuel, showers and a place to park. In a time of social distancing and “shelter in place” orders, some of these essential break locations that truck drivers rely on have been impacted.

To keep drivers informed of any potential closures or limited amenities, Trimble has launched Safe Havens, a free web app that provides up-to-date details on truck stop status and service information. By utilizing this app, drivers can know where to go to refuel and recharge along their routes.

Complimentary Trimble Visibility: In a time of toilet paper shortages and other inventory challenges, knowing where freight is in the supply chain is critically important. To help address this, Trimble is offering existing customers a complimentary version of its Visibility platform, which consolidates data from integrated TMS and telematics systems and combines it with carrier updates to create accurate, real-time transit visibility.

Through this platform, carriers can view, track and better manage their customers’ shipments. The platform also allows users to share tracking views via hyperlinks and text messages ‒ taking the guesswork out of proactive communications with shippers and managing exceptions for operations and sales teams.

Kuebix Community Load Match and Business Pro: Another pertinent issue during COVID-19 is understanding where capacity is in the supply chain. To help address this, Trimble’s Kuebix offers its Kuebix Community Load Match, which enables any Kuebix TMS user to connect to an ecosystem of truckload carriers, brokers, freight marketplaces and direct carrier assets.

In addition, Kuebix is also offering 60 free days of its Kuebix Business Pro TMS to help expand capacity and remotely manage supply chains.


Saying “Thank You” to Those Who Keep Us Moving

We have never been more committed to providing continuity of services and an abundance of resources so that the transportation industry can focus on what’s most important in this moment: continuing to supply our world.

In addition to giving industry professionals access to the right information and the right technology, we want to simply say “thank you” for all that you do to keep our world moving.


We will get through this challenging time together. Know that we are here to help you navigate it in the meantime. Find out more about Trimble’s unique approach to supply chain technology and our commitment to building the solutions that keep you up and running, both today and in the years to come.