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Trimble and Tenstreet to Collaborate on Helping Fleets Better Manage Fuel Costs and Consumption

Fuel costs are one of a carrier’s biggest operating expenses and, after falling significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, diesel prices are now reaching record highs

While carriers can’t directly impact this macroeconomic trend, there are ways that they can better manage fuel costs and usage within their operations through technology.

With this in mind, Trimble announced a collaboration with Tenstreet to integrate Trimble’s fleet management solution with Tenstreet’s True Fuel® technology. Announced at the 2022 Truckload Carrier Association (TCA) Annual Convention, True Fuel combines real-time driver coaching with insightful fuel efficiency data. In fact, fleets that implement True Fuel’s real-time in-cab audible coaching typically see a 3 to 10 percent reduction in their annual fuel spend.

“True Fuel’s real-time coaching benefits and data insights are proven to help fleets maximize fuel economy and more fairly measure, compare and incentivize driver performance around fuel efficiency,” said Adrian Harding, Business Area manager, Mobility, for Trimble Transportation. “This collaboration is intended to provide carriers with the opportunity to reduce costs by lowering fuel waste and consumption, while also improving driver engagement.”

Fuel Economy: Considering Multiple Variables

A key benefit of True Fuel is its ability to impact fuel economy in real-time as opposed to only reporting on it after the fact. One of the ways the platform does this is through real-time driver coaching functionality, helping drivers eliminate fuel waste as it occurs to substantially reduce a fleet’s overall fuel costs. True Fuel also distinguishes between the truck and the driver’s impact on fuel economy by separating variables such as truck configuration from driving style enabling fleets to accurately assess driver fuel performance versus using opaque metrics like MPG.

True Fuel also provides insightful analytics to fleets about comparative driver and vehicle performance with respect to fuel efficiency, and provides automated reports containing actionable guidance based on objective and balanced scoring. Vnomics’ data-rich analytics are accessible online via web portal or through the company’s API for integration with fleet business intelligence platforms.

“We are excited to collaborate with Trimble to help fleets optimize their fuel consumption with True Fuel through an over-the-air software add-on,” noted Lloyd Palum, President of Vnomics. “Fleets that use True Fuel can more accurately and fairly assess drivers’ fuel efficiency, determine and incentivize the correct drivers if they so choose and realize a significant reduction in their annual fuel spend.”

Technology’s Role in Maximizing Performance and Efficiency

Whether it is navigating rising fuel costs or reducing out-of-route miles, fleet management solutions can be a crucial factor in helping carriers of all shapes and sizes improve the productivity of their drivers and assets.

At Trimble, we are dedicated to helping fleets like yours implement technology to streamline all parts of their business. Contact us today to learn about our collaboration with Vnomics as well as our comprehensive set of supply chain-focused solutions.