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The Future of Integrated Mobility

PeopleNet, as you may have already read, embraces a particular way of thinking about the future of trucking. The Internet of Transportation Things (IoTT) covers a wide spectrum of technology in the transportation industry — PeopleNet’s products are connecting drivers and carriers, working towards a world of integrated mobility.

We see a future where everything is connected — devices, collaborators, information — and we believe the truck itself should be part of that network. The next big advancement in transport technology is factory-installed mobility. PeopleNet’s reliable tools included inside and working in tandem with the engine of a truck isn’t a far-off concept:  OEM Factory-Fit technology with PeopleNet is available now.

One of the first steps we’re taking to realize this idea is directly engaging with the truck’s design — teaming up with companies that manufacture and sell both engines and trucks. Through these partnerships, PeopleNet becomes a key player in the world of factory-fit technology. Factory-fit technology is any device or software that is installed inside a truck before it’s sold.

Recently, we partnered with Kenworth and Peterbilt to provide pre-installed technology in their trucks. Kenworth’s TruckTech+ and Peterbilt’s SmartLinq operate with the help of our PeopleNet Mobile Gateway — any time an engine’s sensors trigger a fault code, a truck runs beyond safe levels of operation, or some other technical issue sprouts up, these diagnostic services spring into action. Through the wireless network provided by PeopleNet, problems are immediately reported to the driver, back office, and nearest dealership where repairs can be made.

These two services offer carriers improved efficiency and peace of mind. Drivers won’t have to hang around stranded on the side of the road without a clue of what’s gone wrong. Carriers will have access to detailed information about their vehicles and what course of action they should take — before an incident takes the truck off the road. On top of all this, the service process is sped up by connecting drivers to dealerships. The bottom line of this process? More uptime for vehicles.

Uptime is key for revenue in this industry — it’s a simple fact. When technology becomes smart enough to identify obstacles that prevent optimum uptime, drivers and carriers gain an advantage. PeopleNet strives to make the never-ending battle to increase fleet productivity easier to manage. Through an intelligent network of communicating devices that starts in the engine itself, we introduce a fully integrated system that works for you: when you need it, where you need it. This is the future of transportation. Here at PeopleNet, we aren’t focused on today — we’re creating tomorrow. To learn more, visit

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