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Shape the Future: Share Your Insights in Our 2023 Decarbonization Survey

At Trimble, pursuing environmental sustainability is one of our guiding principles. Our transportation industry solutions are designed to help companies achieve maximum efficiency on the road and reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why we’re excited to announce our support for Transporeon’s 2023 Decarbonization Survey.

Decreasing emissions within the industry means decreasing the overall carbon footprint. So, as climate change and environmental regulations have become top priorities for transportation companies, it’s increasingly vital that we have a clear view of steps companies are currently taking and how we can all work toward a greener future. We want to make educated decisions that benefit the industry and environment in the long run. We need your help to lead us on the right path.

For the last several years, Transporeon has conducted a survey of carriers and shippers regarding their efforts to implement sustainability-focused business practices and technologies. This survey explores the decarbonization of transport logistics and gathers insights into how carriers perceive this crucial issue.

The responses will be compiled into a comprehensive report, which is a collaboration between Trimble, Transporeon, Kuehne Logistics University and Smart Freight Centre. This report will not only be shared within the industry, but also with policymakers and logistics associations around the world, making it a valuable platform to voice your thoughts.

To participate in the survey, visit one of the links below.

Last year’s report found that interest in sustainability-focused technology solutions among carriers rose 27%. Plus, carriers’ ability to calculate their CO2 emissions increased by 14% year-over-year. And a major takeaway is that companies are hungry for solutions, with a focus on solutions’ cost efficiency and proven success. Click here to read the entirety of last year’s report.

The survey closes on Friday, November 24, so be sure to participate soon. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and no question is mandatory; please skip what you don’t want to share. Your privacy is our utmost priority, so all data and responses will be kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with any third party. To receive a copy of the report once it is completed, please enter your email address at the end of the survey.

Your input and experiences drive our work at Trimble. So, please share your voice and help us work toward a more sustainable future for the industry. We can’t wait to hear from you!