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Preferred Partners Announced for Kuebix Transition

As the Kuebix TMS solution sunsets, we are committed to helping existing customers seamlessly transition to a system that works for them and their unique business needs.

With this goal in mind, we have initially selected five preferred launch partners that we believe would be an excellent fit for Kuebix customers depending on their specific size and requirements. Partners include:

  • : 3GTMS is a highly stable, mature solution that satisfies the needs of most shippers from SMB to Enterprise. 3GTMS is now onboarding Kuebix users with a special “Smart Start” rapid implementation and $4k trade-in promotion (3G-on-ramp-from-kuebix). Unique features of 3GTMS include best-in-class parcel in its industry leading carrier network, the largest ERP-integrated customer base of any TMS, sophisticated multi-modal planning (including multi-stop and pool distribution) that reduce transportation costs 10% or more, and built-in rating / allocation / auditing for tight control over shipment billing. With a wide range of add-on modules and ecosystem partner integrations, 3GTMS provides many options as your business grows and changes.

  •  : Shipwell had become Kuebix’s biggest competitor in the SMB, Mid-Market to Small Enterprise Shipper TMS business. Since they serve the same customer base as Kuebix, their TMS offers are well aligned with similar features as the Kuebix TMS. Moreover, Shipwell can integrate with a shipper’s ERP system to automate the data exchange between TMS and ERP. Inside Shipwell’s TMS platform, shippers are able to perform across all modes, including Parcel, LTL, TL, Ocean, and Rail, in a multi-mode fashion, the many advanced functions of small to medium enterprise businesses. Shipwell’s solution includes workflow automation rules, simple to complex load optimization, mini-bid procurement, and a native visibility tool that help shippers manage exceptions. As with most platform approaches, Shipwell excels at giving shippers flexibility to integrate with other systems, such as ERP, WMS, and FMS. Shipwell is currently offering special incentives to Kuebix customers through their Kuebix transition program. 

  • : MyCarrier offers a basic TMS solution to SMB businesses that ship LTL as their primary mode of transport. Their TMS allows shippers to create a bill of lading and establish API connections with their carriers to rate, book and track shipments. MyCarrier has developed close partnerships with a network of LTL carriers who help subsidize some of the TMS cost for the shippers. Shipper TMS adoption brings standardization to the LTL industry and improves carrier efficiency which is why they’re motivated to help MyCarrier get the shippers onboarded.

  •  FreightWise is a natural choice for Kuebix customers due to the overlapping market coverage for SMB and small enterprise shippers and is the only preferred partner that offers a TMS along with managed transportation services. The FreightWise TMS supports planning and execution across all major domestic modes, including TL, LTL, and Parcel. The platform manages the entire order-to-ship-to-pay process in a single system. The TMS provides vendor portal access, rate quoting, spot bidding, BOL creation, label printing, shipment tracking, pick/pack, mobile app shipment management, and much more. It offers vendor and customer-facing alerts via email or text, allowing unprecedented visibility into the supply chain. FreightWise is integrated into many ERPs, OMSs, WMSs, carriers, and eCommerce systems. With "Freightwise Managed Services" customers can extend their TMS capabilities at little up-front costs. These services supplement TMS through supply chain design and rate procurement, multi-mode freight audit, GL coding, and freight payment services. FreightWise becomes an extension of your team leveraging industry-leading volume to procure best-in-class rates for SMB shippers, finishing the execution of those rates with technology.

  • Meet PCS Software, the people behind a supply chain technology putting businesses across the U.S. and Canada on the map. The PCS Prime Express Platform is an easy to implement, easy to use all-in-one solution that allows you to take control of your entire operation, courtesy of a single source. AI-powered, this is one Transportation Management Platform (TMP) elevating how mid-to-large sized enterprise shippers and carriers do business. It’s Cloud-based with robust automated and precision services. API-integrated to deliver future-forward tools that automate and optimize your entire transportation logistics operation. Engage through the Web or via a mobile app. Get on board at  

“We are dedicated to helping Kuebix customers find the best road forward through this transition, including facilitating introductions to our partner shipper TMS providers based on their unique needs,” said Dan Popkin, sector vice president, connected supply chain, Trimble Transportation. “These providers have a proven track record of excellence, and provide many capabilities and features to serve customers of all sizes and needs.”

Trimble announced in September 2022 that it would no longer sell or develop enhancements to the Kuebix TMS product. However, we continue to support and advise our existing customers as they look for a new TMS.