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New Educational Resource Details the Future of Mobile Networks and 4G Connectivity

Today there are more than 8 billion connected devices in the world. While that number seems high, it was projected to grow to nearly 21 billion devices by 2020.

To keep up with demand for better, faster and more robust connectivity, wireless carriers are investing in Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) networks and beginning to sunset older 3G networks, particularly Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and Global System for Mobile (GSM) networks.

This 3G network sunset will impact fleets with older, 3G-connected onboard equipment. This sunsetting will impact the reliability of these older networks, with pockets of coverage disappearing before the networks eventually shut off completely.

To help your fleet navigate this network evolution, we recently debuted the Future of Networks resource center. This one-stop educational page includes a variety of content, from videos and a whitepaper, to blog posts and industry news about the switch to 4G LTE connectivity − all designed to help your fleet and drivers understand what this migration means.



For more than two years, Trimble has provided customers with LTE connectivity. Check out our Future of Networks page today to learn how we can help maximize your fleet’s safety, efficiency and connectivity.