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Justify Your Registration for in.sight with These 3 Reasons to Attend

In the last week of August, Trimble is going to kick off a virtual edition of its in.sight user conference + expo. From August 24-26, 2020, we are planning a robust agenda filled with educational breakout sessions, networking opportunities and firsthand looks at what the future of supply chain technology is all about.

While the benefits of attending in.sight might be obvious, it is also important to recognize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your business and the transportation industry as a whole. The reverberations of the pandemic have us all looking for ways to stay efficient and productive, as well as be cost-conscious. 

With this mindset, attendance at events like user conferences and trade shows might not be obvious top priorities, but we are confident that the wealth of knowledge awaiting you is well worth the investment – both to set you and your business up for success today and also in the years and months to come.

Interested in joining us at in.sight but need some help convincing your organization to have you take part? Don’t worry ‒ we’ve compiled three reasons to help you justify your attendance at the event.


1. Fitting in.sight Into Your Daily Routine

Attending a virtual event is a new experience for many of us, and it certainly comes with its own unique set of considerations when compared to its in-person counterparts. While it is difficult to fully replicate the in-person experience, joining an event remotely also has its advantages.

Although the virtual nature of the 2020 in.sight user conference is intended to keep attendees healthy and safe, it also makes it easier than ever to join us. Attending our event in 2020 is as straightforward as turning on your computer and logging into our interactive virtual platform. The logistics of booking flights, hotels and rental cars are all out the window in 2020, enabling you to seamlessly take part.

The logistical advantages of our virtual event don’t end with travel considerations. By hosting in.sight remotely, you are able to stay “in” the office, fitting in educational sessions and networking breakouts into your normal workflow, allowing you to maximize your productivity and balance your job with in.sight’s wide range of learning opportunities.


2. Maximizing the Value of Your Registration

The airfare, hotel accommodations and ground transportation of in-person events aren’t just logistical challenges; they also affect your company’s bottom line. So, too, do the registration costs of in-person events.

To help offset the cost of 2020's in.sight, we are collaborating with our two premier sponsors, Drivewyze and ProMiles, to help reduce registration fees and pass those savings along to attendees like you.



For just $95 per registration, you can get access to the best aspects of in.sight user conference + expo, all at an affordable cost. This not only helps to ensure you get maximum value for your participation but also greatly reduces your organization’s investment for taking part in what has grown to become the largest technology conference in the transportation industry.


3. Getting the Best of in.sight, online

While the virtual nature of in.sight does mean we won’t be able to get together for fun activities like our Customer Appreciation dinner and other evening events, it is important to keep this in mind: although we might be online in 2020, we are committed to bringing you the same level of educational and networking opportunities you are accustomed to at in.sight.

To support this mission, we have compiled dozens of educational sessions, from broad industry topics to platform-specific trainings, each designed to help you walk away with knowledge to make improvements within your organization. We are optimizing each session for an online environment, including enabling extensive Q&A functionality to help ensure you get the most out of every session you attend.

Networking is also a cornerstone of the in.sight experience, and this year we are building on that portion by inviting all technology providers to the show, no exceptions. We are bringing all of these exhibitors together in a virtual Expo Hall, giving you access to transportation’s leading technology providers to help ensure you are harnessing the latest solutions to drive your business forward.


Save Your Seat at Our Virtual in.sight user conference + expo

With all of these great experiences awaiting you, how could you not make the case for your attendance at this event? Register now to join us, as well as customize your agenda to make the most of your experience.

The theme for 2020's in.sight conference, “We Are One,” is centered on how collaboration from all of us is essential to keeping our supply chain moving. This “we” includes you, and we look forward to seeing you online for in.sight soon!