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Introducing: PeopleNet Video Intelligence Left & Right Cameras

PeopleNet’s Video Intelligence System now features Left & Right Cameras, to add to our current forward-facing camera, and help you eliminate blind spots around the trucks in your fleet. Our side cameras are hood-mounted with OEM-spot type mirrors, allowing for easy installation and a better view all around the truck.

Saddle Creek Transportation, a PeopleNet Customer of over 10 years, just celebrated their 50th Anniversary of being in business, and we went to visit them in Lakeland, Florida to find out why they chose to add the PeopleNet Video Intelligence System to their fleet mobility suite of products.

In exploring the addition of video capabilities to their fleet, Saddle Creek had some specific goals in mind – among them, wishing to protect and exonerate their drivers from any fraudulent claims, and gaining a better teaching tool to improve driving behavior and ensure the safety of their trucks and others on the road.

Hear what they had to say about how they came to choose PeopleNet Video Intelligence, what challenges they expected to face, and why they’re very happy with the system today.


For more information on PeopleNet Video Intelligence and how it can improve safety and efficiency for your fleet, visit our Video Intelligence page.



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