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How Trimble Leaders Are Driving Connection at this Year’s Insight Event

As we recently announced, we’re welcoming Formula 1’s Mark Gallagher as this year’s keynote speaker at our Insight Tech Conference + Expo in Las Vegas on Monday, September 25. As a long-time Formula 1 executive, he held senior roles in the high performance environment of F1 motor racing for over 30 years. And as an author, broadcaster and industry analyst who continues to work with drivers and teams at the forefront of this global sport, he has a unique perspective on what it takes to connect people and technology in pursuit of success.

The theme for this year’s show is “driving connection,” and while we wait to hear from Mark how this theme has been reflected throughout his experience, we spoke to a handful of Trimble leaders about what it means to them. At its core, “driving connection” means finding new ways to work together across the transportation supply chain, by bringing together people and assets with data and software.

But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what several Trimble leaders have to say about “driving connection” and what they’re looking forward to most at this year’s Insight Tech Conference + Expo.

Ron Bisio
Senior Vice President, Trimble Transportation

Ron Bisio is the senior vice president of Trimble Transportation, guiding strategies across the sector. You can catch Ron at Insight during the opening session on the main stage! “I can’t think of a better way to embrace the sentiment of ‘Driving Connection’ than by bringing together Trimble customers from some of the largest transportation organizations with the industry’s leading tech providers,” Ron said.

Paul Cardosi
Sector Vice President, Global Mobility

As sector vice president of global mobility, Paul Cardosi’s role is at the intersection of where data meets the road for actionable insights. “Connecting the physical and digital worlds is no easy feat - but when we all come together to share ideas at events like Insight, anything is possible. Join us in Las Vegas to help make progress toward building a more connected supply chain!”

Devon Valenti
Sector Vice President, Marketing

One of the leaders on the Insight event planning team is Devon Valenti, sector vice president of marketing. “Building on our previous success, this year’s Insight Tech Conference makes its first appearance in Vegas and will be better than ever. I am excited to hear our keynote speaker Mark Gallagher’s unique perspective on how to pair data with safety in dynamic environments – as a Formula 1 executive, he has a front-row seat on that every day,” Devon said.

Rishi Mehra
Sector Vice President, Product Vision & Experience

There will be no shortage of product information at Insight - something that vice president of product vision & experience Rishi Mehra is looking forward to. “Something I’m excited to discuss at Insight is how we are driving both innovation and connection between Trimble products and other leading tech providers throughout industry to enable customer success,” Rishi shared.

Dan Popkin
Sector Vice President, Enterprise

Dan Popkin, sector vice president, connected supply chain, is a self-described customer champion, so it won’t come as a surprise that he’s looking forward to driving connections between customers and solutions. “I’m looking forward to hearing about current supply chain pain points and brainstorming with customers, partners, and other attendees to identify how to implement solutions in our industry cloud that improve the day-to-day lives of drivers, technicians, and dock and office workers in our industry.”

Michael Kornhauser
Sector Vice President, Maps

Driving connection between attendees and Trimble leaders is one of the main goals of Insight, something that Michael Kornhauser, senior vice president and general manager, is energized by. “To me, a key piece of driving connection is the human element, so I can’t wait to connect with customers, partners and industry leaders who are shaping the present, and future, of transportation,” Michael says.

CJ Aquilino
Director of Brand Marketing

CJ Aquilino, director of brand marketing, is also a core team member working on putting on Insight 2023. “This year’s attendees are in for a real treat,” CJ said. “Whether you attend Insight for networking, education, evening events, personalized tech support, or a mix of it all, there are many valuable opportunities – and some soon-to-be-announced surprises! – that you won’t want to miss.”

We hope you’ll join us at Insight 2023 in a few short months in Las Vegas! From now through May 30, 2023, receive 10% off a regular registration with code MAYSALE – register now at