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Heniff Harnesses the Trimble Platform to Evolve All Parts of their Business

It takes more than 300 things to go right for a single delivery to be executed correctly.

That is how Jeff O’Connor, president of Heniff Transportation, sees it. And O’Connor would know. Heniff is an Illinois-based fleet that has more than 1,100 trucks that deliver liquid bulk materials across the United States. In order to ensure that all of these steps go properly, Heniff relies on a wide range of Trimble transportation solutions, both in-cab and in the back office, to gain visibility and to streamline processes across their organization.

“Trimble has helped us create visibility to all of those steps and its automated a lot of those processes along the way,” said O’Connor.

For Heniff, other transportation solution providers could give them the solutions to meet their needs but by leveraging a wide range of products under Trimble, they are able to avoid information silos and bring these individual solutions together to the benefit of their entire operation.

“We’ve really taken a big approach on cross-integrating all those systems,” said Joe Neal, chief information officer for Heniff. “So anyone in our organization, whether that’s a driver manager, a dispatcher, a driver on the field, an executive management team…we really want to give them all the information at their fingertips, so they don’t have to go in ten different systems, five different systems – and I think that’s one of the things that’s really helped us be so successful.”


Check out the video below to learn more about how Heniff is evolving their business with Trimble to reach new levels of efficiency, connectivity and customer service.