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Get Facetime with Trimble Leaders During Our Insight Executive Sessions

One of the core components of Trimble’s Insight Tech Conference + Expo is the wealth of educational opportunities – not only to enhance your day-to-day use of Trimble technology but to gain awareness of key trends and industry topics that matter to your business.

The 2022 edition of Insight is no different. As we head to Orlando this August 14-17, a prominent part of this year’s agenda is our slate of executive-led sessions. These engaging courses will be led by Trimble leadership, providing you with a unique opportunity to hear from us about our strategy, where transportation technology is headed and how your organization can stay ahead in an ever-evolving supply chain.

Check out these courses below, each of which is part of the Leadership track in our full schedule of educational sessions:

The Connected Supply Chain, Understanding Trimble’s Platform Strategy

Hosted by: James Langley, Senior Vice President, Trimble Transportation

Find out more about Trimble’s strategy to connect the supply chain. Learn how shippers, carriers, intermediaries and technology providers are partnering with Trimble to add efficiencies across the supply chain. We want to know how we can work together to add value for you and your customers.

DEI is Not About Checking the Box

Hosted by: Richard Brown, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Advocate, Trimble

Where do you start building the vision for your company? How do you begin this initiative thoughtfully and with sensitivity to the team? Hear how the Trimble team developed our initiatives and navigated to where we are now and how it's impacted our business.

Enhancing Fleet Safety with AI-Powered Video

Hosted by: Jesse Chappell, Manager, Video Intelligence, Trimble Transportation

Discover from a customer panel how AI-powered video is enhancing the safety of their fleet operations. Hear real-world examples of how advances in technology are being leveraged to enable new safety programs that are integral for effective fleet management and risk reduction, improving operational efficiency and protecting fleets and drivers.

Jumpstarting Brokerage Microservices in Your TMS

Hosted by Sejal Kadakia, Business Area Manager, Transportation Management Systems, Trimble Transportation and Mike Hamill, Vice President, Strategy, Trimble Transportation

Hear from a customer panel about how they're applying technology to automate and transform their business to enable greater efficiency. You'll also learn details about products Trimble is developing to help resolve customer pain points within brokerage industry workflows and how Trimble innovation can jumpstart your migration to the cloud by consuming these microservices with minimal impact to your business operations.

Improving Compliance and Utilization with VUSION

Hosted by: Carl Robinson, Vice President, VUSION, Trimble Transportation

Engage with a customer panel on how they have streamlined IFTA compliance and boosted their bottom line using VUSION's suite of services. Learn how leading fleets are leveraging analytics to help them make better decisions on vehicle, equipment and driver utilization resulting in improved driver efficiency and increased fuel economy.

Improving the Customer Experience

Hosted by: Kathleen Berryman, Director of Customer Success, Trimble Transportation

Hear from a customer panel how we are making it easier to do business with Trimble by transforming our business to focus on Customer Success Management. Our focus will be on recent examples where we have engaged with our customers to conceptualize and deliver a customer-centric approach to deliver increased value to their operations.

Next Generation Trimble Mobility Solutions Powered by Microsoft Azure Technologies

Hosted by: Jeremy Dobs, Distinguished Engineer, Trimble Transportation

Find out how the Microsoft and Trimble partnership is resulting in co-innovation in the mobility and fleet management space, with the goal of increasing your ability to access critical data and apply intelligence, when and where you need it. Learn how we are working together starting with IoT and data, and then with AI, Digital Twins and other technologies to empower you to set the pace of innovation in your industry.

Procurement Driving Deep Shipper/Carrier Engagement

Hosted by: Peter Coumounduros, General Manager, Transportation Sourcing Group (TSG), Trimble Transportation

Procurement is one of the most critical components in the transportation management lifecycle. Transforming the procurement process with technology is a necessity for shippers and carriers as they navigate today’s volatile market. You will hear from a panel of our customers how our platform is assisting shippers and carriers uncover better ways of moving freight together. 

The focus will be on creating sustainable shipper and carrier relations, activating quick decisions for capacity and freight optimization, expediting the contracting and onboarding process, and delivering enhanced value and visibility to shippers and carriers.

Realizing Value through Cloud Conversion

Hosted by: Dan Popkin, Vice President, Enterprise, Trimble Transportation

Learn from a customer panel how our partnership with Microsoft has simplified the process of migrating our products to the cloud to unlock additional value in their operations. Our focus will be on real-world examples of Enterprise customers of all sizes who have recently migrated their transportation management and asset maintenance systems to the cloud to shed light on the ease of transition, timelines and value delivered.

Supply Chain Insights: Lane & Pricing Analytics    

Hosted by: Chris Orban, Business Area Manager, Supply Chain Analytics, Trimble Transportation

See from a customer panel how they are working with Trimble to collect and analyze historical information to understand the true cost and risk associated with operations on their preferred lanes. Learn more about how we can unlock actionable insights by segregating and comparing your costs on a lane with benchmarked market rate analyses to determine and enhance carrier profitability.

Transportation Market Dynamics and Conditions

Hosted by: Mike Hamill, Vice President, Strategy, Trimble Transportation

Get insights from a customer panel discussing current market dynamics and how they are mitigating the impact of these conditions. We seek your engagement to identify how technology, business processes and information can be leveraged to minimize the impact to your operations, and position your organization to achieve and sustain growth.

Truck Autonomy - Driving Into The Future

Hosted by: Patti Boothe, Senior Vice President, Trimble

Listen to a panel of Class 8 Truck OEMs, Class 8 Truck autonomy providers and a fleet customer as they discuss Class 8 truck autonomy and how this emerging technology is improving network utilization, efficiency and safety; while positively navigating compliance, government regulations, and public opinion.

Unlocking Value through Connected Maintenance

Hosted by: Mike Keus, Vice President, Asset Maintenance, Trimble Transportation

Find out from a customer panel how Trimble is working to enable Connected Maintenance operations. These Connected Workflows automatically detect over-the-road service events, and enable maintenance and repair to be dynamically scheduled in collaboration with the driver, fleet maintenance manager, dispatch/operations and the service provider. This enables repairs to be efficiently executed over-the-road while providing full visibility to all parties to provide collaboration and visibility, enabling dynamic planning and re-planning.

Using Places Analytics to Identify & Manage Risk

Hosted by: RIshi Mehra, Vice President of Strategy and Operations, Trimble Maps

Get a perspective from a customer panel on how we are working to deliver analytics to better understand and manage operations at shipper locations. The ability for carriers to have accurate and up-to-date operating parameters available for shipping and receiving locations is critical for carriers to effectively serve their shipper customers. Information such as location scorecards with driver ratings, dwell time statistics, and site requirements can assist carriers to understand the true cost to serve their customers, properly price bids, and build a forum to streamline site operations with shippers.

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