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ConnectedFleet Video Intelligence Gives Fleets More Visibility

Fleets use video systems to achieve specific fleet goals such as exonerating their drivers from any fraudulent claims, gaining a better teaching tool to improve driving behavior, and to ensure the safety of their trucks and others on the road.

PeopleNet’s ConnectedFleet Video Intelligence System features forward-facing and side-view cameras which capture the widest angles of what’s going on around the truck, eliminating blind spots. Illustrated in the video below is the “angel view” – our camera system gives you visibility around your fleet’s trucks like never before – to protect your drivers, and prevent future risks.

Learn more about how Angel View can provide your fleet with the greatest visibility with the widest angles and eliminating blind spots by checking out this video:

For more information on PeopleNet Video Intelligence and how it can improve safety and efficiency for your fleet, visit our Video Intelligence page.

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