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Outbound Q1 2022

Highlights this Issue:What crime hits biz every 11 sec?Improve driver satisfaction w tech p11Lowering freight trans costs p15Comm motor vehicles need special maps & nav p16Strat procurement p22

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Highlights: Leveraging Technology. Platforms, programs and applications to protect your transportation business.

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Highlights this Issue:

  • What crime hits businesses every 11 seconds? What safeguards are available to you. Cover Story.
  • Trimble Transportation’s James Langley talks how to improve driver satisfaction with technology. See Page 11.
  • Case Study: How one customer is lowering freight transportation and admin costs while improving carrier relationships and customer service. Page 15.
  • Understanding exactly why commercial motor vehicles need special maps and navigation. Page 16.
  • New advisory services for strategic procurement and sourcing. Page 22.