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Trimble TruETA Route Optimization Software

On-Time Every Time With Trimble TruETA

Determine perfectly accurate, nearly real-time ETAs for each leg of your journey with TruETA — one of the best route optimization software options on the market.

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More On-Time Deliveries, Happier Customers

Spot-On Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs)

Get perfectly accurate, automatically calculated ETAs based on data so that both your drivers and your customers can properly plan their work.

Accurate Location and Status Details

Gain access to real-time location and status details — including route, weather, and traffic information — for each leg of your fleet's journey.

Convenient Delay Reports

Stay ahead of delays with potential issue notifications. Then notify your customers so that they can react and plan accordingly.

A Simple Interface

View easy-to-understand ETA information like status updates (i.e. On-time, Late, At Risk) and color coded maps via your integrated TMS.

An Integrated System

Connect TruETA to your TMS of choice. That way you always have the information you need, when you need it — AKA, right now.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Delight your customers and get ahead of issues through delivery updates that include potential delays due to weather, traffic, etc.

Save Money by Reducing Delays

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TruETA: Route Optimization Software You Can Trust

Keep your supply chain moving, reduce unnecessary costs, and delight your customers with accurate times of arrival from TruETA. Contact our team to learn more.