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Trimble Video Intelligence Solution Wins HDT’s Top 20 Product Award

With more than 15.5 million trucks logging more than 430 billion annual miles, road safety concerns are increasing. Trimble’s Video Intelligence solution is an integral safety tool that reduces risk for fleet drivers, owners, and operators while also maximizing efficient management.

We are thrilled to announce that Trimble Video Intelligence has won Heavy Duty Trucking’s (HDT) 2023 Top 20 Product Award. This is an enormous honor and is a confirmation of Trimble’s commitment to continual innovation to make transportation safer and more efficient for everyone.

About HDT’s Top 20 Product Award

Unlike most industry awards, there is no nomination process for HDT’s Top 20 Product Awards. Instead, every year, their experienced editors choose 20 products that are new or significantly improved over past versions.

In addition to the requirement that the solution is commercially available (or will be soon), the selection criteria are:

  • Innovation
  • Ability to address important industry issues
  • Potential to improve a fleet’s bottom line

The editors conduct a rigorous selection and vetting process to ensure the top products are chosen based off merit and innovation.

Recent Video Intelligence Enhancements

While Trimble’s Video Intelligence solution has been available on the market to fleets of all sizes for several years, it earned the recognition due to several recent innovations added to give fleet staff and drivers more real-time safety alerts and coaching opportunities, thus increasing safety and efficiency while reducing waste and saving.

  • 4-Channel DVR & ADAS Solution – Drivers now have more visibility of their surroundings in high resolution and the opportunity for improved coaching and reduced liability.
  • Cabin Intelligent Monitor (CIM) – CIM monitors drivers for behaviors including seat belt usage, smoking, fatigue, and cell phone usage.
  • Dynamic Driver Defense (DCube) – DCube gives real-time alerts to make sure drivers are aware of potential hazards. More Configurable Cameras – Improving visibility by allowing a complete view around a fleet’s vehicles.
  • Driver Assist – This shows live video, as needed, when the truck is turning or backing up, ensuring blind spots and tight spaces are much safer to navigate.

These enhancements help drivers stay safe by promoting safety as a habit. The solution identifies dangerous hazards and alerts drivers in real-time to address unsafe driving behaviors in a timely manner.

The goal of all of these innovations is to protect and promote driver safety, and as an added bonus, fleets end up being able to reduce operational expenses once implemented.

An Award-Winning Solution

This is not the first award that Trimble Video Intelligence has won in recent years. In 2022, it was named the Fleet Management Solution of the Year, and in 2017, the solution earned a Tekne Award from the Minnesota Tech Association. Our team is proud to have earned both of these recognitions while working to keep drivers safe.

Learn more about how Video Intelligence can mitigate risk and improve driver safety here.