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Trimble Intelliview Automated Risk Assessment

Improve Fleet Safety in Less Time With Trimble Intelliview

Streamline the on-road video file review process with cutting-edge machine learning technology inside Trimble Intelliview.

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Easy Visibility Into Fleet Safety

Rely on the Power of Machine Learning to Expedite the Video Review Process

Boost Safety Manager Productivity

Help safety managers prioritize your fleet’s most important videos .

Streamline Training Processes

Allow fleet managers to focus on driver behaviors that pose the greatest safety challenges by eliminating the need to review footage that has less impact on risk.

Partner With Reliable Carriers

As a shipper, partnering with a carrier that utilizes Trimble Intelliview can help ensure you are working with a safety-focused carrier that can get your freight where it needs to be safely.

Part of a Comprehensive Safety Platform

Intelliview is just one feature of Trimble Video Intelligence, a robust video and analytics platform built to prevent accidents and protect fleets like yours.

Harness the Latest Technological Advancements

Intellivew is powered by advanced machine learning capabilities to help automate the review process and streamline your fleet’s safety efforts.

The Future of Transportation Safety Tech

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Simplify Safety Management For Your Company

Boost safety manager productivity with Trimble Intelliview. Contact our team today to learn more about our industry-leading tool.