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Expanding Trimble Instinct’s In-Cab Driver Solutions with Tenstreet’s True Fuel

As transportation companies grapple with a more challenging market while balancing sustainability goals, fuel efficiency has become more important to their business than ever. And although current diesel prices are overall lower than they were in the summer of 2022, August saw yet another week of rising prices, following a seven week trend of continued increases. Carriers are in search of solutions that help combat this unavoidable expense.

Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with Tenstreet to bring their True Fuel® solution to Trimble customers in an effort to help fleets better manage their fuel costs and consumption. Today, we’re excited to announce that True Fuel is now available as part of Trimble Instinct, our in-cab ecosystem of applications designed to support drivers while they work.

True Fuel combines real-time, in-cab driver coaching with automated, precise and easy-to-use fuel efficiency insights to help fleets and their drivers get the highest possible miles per gallon. Fleets using True Fuel often see an average of 3-10% improvements in fuel efficiency. What sets True Fuel apart is that its real-time coaching capabilities enable drivers and their support teams to make adjustments to driving behavior and fuel consumption on the road, as opposed to after the fact.

Check out our recent webinar presentation of True Fuel’s capabilities to see it in action:

See how fuel performance incentives can have a significant impact on reducing driver induced fuel waste.

By working to reduce fuel consumption, True Fuel encourages safer, more efficient driver habits that reduce maintenance costs and emissions, while providing a more accurate report on the driver’s impact on fuel consumption. And according to Tenstreet, since its introduction to the market in 2010, True Fuel has helped coach 82,000+ drivers, saved clients more than 150 million gallons of fuel, and helped them avoid more than 1.7 million tons of CO2 emissions.

Now, all of these benefits can be realized from directly within Trimble Instinct. Built on the Google Android operating system, Trimble Instinct provides an in-cab eco-system that enables drivers to log Hours of Service (HOS) data, execute their daily workflow, and access a host of mobile apps that help them on the road. Trimble Instinct helps simplify a driver’s life, while allowing their organization to quickly and easily integrate the third party solutions they need to operate.

True Fuel joins a host of Trimble Instinct capabilities, including in-cab scanning, route navigation, HoS tracking, weigh station bypass, driver coaching and more. But using True Fuel is simple: drivers will have direct access to their fuel consumption data via a touch of an icon on their tablet, without needing to sign into anything.

"We are excited to launch True Fuel on Trimble's Instinct platform, continuing to help fleets improve driver fuel efficiency behaviors. Fleets using True Fuel are better equipped to identify and improve the impact of driver behavior on fuel consumption, significantly reducing their annual fuel spend."

- Lloyd Palum, President of Tenstreet's True Fuel division

Fleet management solutions such as True Fuel can help any carrier, whether their challenge is rising fuel costs or implementing a fair driver fuel incentive program. To learn more about how you can integrate True Fuel into your driver workflow via Trimble Instinct and Trimble Driver ELD, contact us, or visit Tenstreet’s booth at the upcoming Insight Tech Conference + Expo.