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Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Track Your Assets Anywhere With Trimble

Pinpoint asset locations, understand driver behavior and cut technology costs with Trimble’s vehicle and asset tracking capabilities.

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Reliable GPS Visibility and Event Monitoring From Trimble

Understand the Delivery Process

Learn when your shipments reach their destinations, how long they spend there and when they depart via intuitive dashboards.

Uncover Driver Behavior

Track driver behaviors like excessive speeding to understand how your fleet performs and identify coaching opportunities.

Cut Technology Costs

Invest in a cost-effective asset tracking solution that's been ruggedly designed by transportation industry professionals.

Streamline the Installation Process

Easily install Trimble's durable asset trackers in a matter of minutes. Then enjoy the data they transmit for years to come.

Enjoy Near-Global Tracking

Keep tabs on your equipment — even when assets are sent to remote locations. Trimble offers reliable, near-global tracking.

Get the Driver and Vehicle Data You Need

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Track Your Equipment With Trimble

Keep track of your equipment with Trimble’s vehicle and asset tracking capabilities. Talk to one of our experts to learn more about our solutions.

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